Saturday, May 14, 2011

Esok Exam Bi...

Paper first aq utk sem ni English Academic since aq ambk english as minor subject.... But this lately my current obsession is study Mandarin language, I even borrow the book from library....haha, nasib ada English translation.
So my situation right now is Passion Vs Study. I do love English language cuz da dari kecik kena suru bljr, lama2 aq pn luv jgala english ni...haha compare with Mandarin language I love it because of my passion ..., mcm jatu cinta semula jadi la konon... pui bangang!!!

                                                      ( MANDARIN vs ENGLISH )


Apa2 pn wish me Gud luk bsok x'am ...huhu... meh smbg study ( ceh bgus klaw sambung study....haha)... ok babai...
p/s: Today is my mother Birthday, Luv u mum... Happy Birthday...muah..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dedicated to my beloved mum....

A person called mother is a very special one. During my mother pregnancy, the doctor give her an option whether to abort or keep me alive because she had a Malaria which can effected me. The doctor said I might born and growing up as retarded, my mother said " I will give birth this baby". Here I am today, I am grateful for who I am .... I am a normal person with every abilities that I could imagine. I just wanna wish my mum THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything

*For give birth to me
*For comfort me whenever i cry on
*For became my backbone all the time
*For laughing together 
*For never lose faith on me
*For every moment

Last but not least, thank you for being my MUM

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

This another hot topic in Yahoo today.... haha....Bin Laden again became number 1 on yahoo, google, CNN what so ever, dunno how many people would believe this anymore....
Guess who came with this news: its Obama. Justice has been done, that what he said.... HOHO
we readers hate WORDS, we want BODY la LOL....
Cakap psal Obama ni, ingt tk dia kata nak bawa balik semua askar Amerika kat Iraq tu pulang cuz that Oprah sokong dia sangat, till today masi bnyk lgi askar Amerika yg b'keliaran kt Iraq tu ... haha Fool by Obama!!!, ( its not mean i am anti Obama)
Satu lgi yg sangkut paut ngn Bin Laden ni ingt tk time Saddam Hussien sentenced to execution, no body ever shown....again HAHA... cba r cri kt utube tu, adapn tk jeles, nta mayat spa drg guna...haha.... u noe wat America cant' kill this people la.... cuz they need them....
This what world political expert analysed  (p/s: not me... ok), but I kind of believe this....hehe
1. Bin Laden never exist
2. Saddam is not executed, he is in prison...

                                  Saddam                        Osama

P/s: Actulli post ni tkda mksd apa2 pn, i kind a boring so buat la post ttg bin Laden ni...hehe... btw I am not anti America ok, one day aq harap dpt jga pijak kaki kt sana.... hehe.... Apa yg baik ttg America ni kta ambk teladan apa yg tk... buang kes la.... ok that ol so far... bubye...:)[peace, no war]ADIOS.....