Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most Handsome Guy In The World

The  first man is officially most HANDSOME guy in the world, kind a strong tittle r.... grrr.... Even if  u ask Mr. GOOGLE  the Most Handsome guy in China, this face will came out. Its enough typing the word  most handsome guy, he will appear.

1. This is the picture, I am not sure whether he is Prince Mutaib, Grandson of King Faisal,or Touraj Nezafati an Iranian Modal. Well u can't blame me for this, I never met them.

The next men is not officially but u can rate u own

2. He got a long name, so people just called him Fazza


3. Imran Abbas

p/s: Some people said this three picture belong to same person . But all I know man with the name either Prince Mutaib or Taouraj Nezafati, Fazza, and Imran Abbas own the tittle most handsome man in the WORLD.

Next on my list

4. Brandon Routh, I had a crush with him last night. Blame chuck for this...haha

5. Djimon Honsou. Kimora Lee Simmon life partner, dunno whether they are married already or not. He is once named as most sexiest man in the world because of stunning black skin

6. Taye Diggs, this one really super duper hot private practice ...haha... look at the smile... 

7. Taylor Fusch. Hottest Elite model with the gap. He just remind us NOBODY PERFECT

8. Marat Safin, why him on this list? because he is hot temper . U know its really hot when u breaking more than 300 tennis racket and most important he beat Fedex...haha ( yet, I also love Fedex, but I love him more)

9. Patrick Dempsey, He got a charming charisma ..... Enchanted actually 

10. Won Bin For Asia, most Korean, China or Taiwan is beautifully handsome, cutie2 u know what I mean not guy handsome. We need real man on this list, I don't mean the other is not real men, its just sometime they are trying to much having a fair skin with a long hair, well they are blessed with fair skin, still u don't have to cut u hair like a tomboy girl. The fact with Won Bin is he look handsome whether he turn bald or hairy...:)

1. Handsome guy is always look handsome either with or without hair.... that it through my lens
2. Its not totally official list, if u favourite actor is not in, dear do remind yourself, doesn't because they popular mean they were handsome guy in the world. So for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom fan u can start u own list..., such me I put my favourite actor Patrick Dempsey and favourite athlete  Marat Safin...


  1. Hi sweetie. Those are indeed some gorgeous men you've got here! Thanks vor visiting my blog and you asked me how tall I am. I am 1.58 meter, not very tall that is ;) hihi. Have a lovely weekend and if you have anymore questions just ask! Love, Daphne

  2. Tanx for reply.... appreciate it so much....:)

  3. The first picture is not the prince but perhaps Touraj..
    #2 is Prince Hamdan of Dubai. =]

  4. second pic is hamdan al maktoum

  5. Hahaha.... internet.... no one can confirm that... HUHU

  6. i just checked out the first pic belongs to touraj nezafati omg he's so handsome as fazaa

  7. The third person is Imran Abbas from Pakistan. He's a model and an actor.

  8. There is someone on facebook named ravi sohal using the pic of touraj nezafati

  9. Every guy has their own, unique beauty and there's no such things as the Most Handsome Guy in the World. We all perceive facial and bodily beauty differently. Sure, these are very goodlooking guys shown on your blog entry, but walk down any street in any town and you'll see just as goodlooking guys who no-one has ever heard of. Also, good photography helps. Handsome guys can look ugly if the photography is wrong, and vice versa.
    Thanks for your post, very interesting!