Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sorry for this really late holiday updates. This semester break feels  like a million bucks . Having free vacation in my hometown, HOME SWEET HOME MOOD 
( vs HOMESICK right now), sleep in your own bed, delicious food all around u, amazing taste of local fruit, its pineapple season, and I am like crazy, reunion with former classmate, youngest cousin birthday party and bla, bla, bla,bla......I am just having fun. I am not in a mood to make an essay about holiday, so I left u with this memorable picture.....

1. Reunion

The Girls 

We and The Jagung.... Haha

Seriously I like this pic

2. Eat, Food n Fruits....

                                          My cook, my mum and the restaurant

Just name it, I have it all during holiday, chicken soup, mee bandung, mee basah, chicken wing street market, nasi goreng kerabu, cake, fresh seafood .... oooh, I love prawn. It feel wonderful when u cook for u parents and they just enjoy it.

3. Father and daughter (cousin ) birthday party

Birthday Girl .... Smiley

My Youngest sister n her

Birthday Cake .... its fresh cream

Father and daughter

They have a different born day but we celebrate it together, Just simple celebration but KFC just make it grand.... MAYBE.....haha. She is sweet girl.

3. I touch dead Batik python

                                            How Skeptic and Phobia we are
                                               even the python already dead
                                             We still put him in a cage....HOHO

                             My Brother, he kill it at midnight like 2 a.m I guess
                                   after realize his pet (chicken) sound weird 

                              I still wanna touch it cause I never had .....yuck,
                                      its heavy even only half of its body

My cousins and my sibling, we fight at home, play badminton, celebrating birthday party and shopping...haha, They just cheer my holiday.....

ok guys, that all for today, My Hari Raya coming home countdown is start already..... Balik Kampung....ooooo Balik Kampung.... Have a nice day everyone....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I don't feel like want to post anything today, but I lost my phone, it’s my second time, feel like I am doing mistake again. Dunno whether I should blame fate or myself for being such a clumsy. Hopefully this post will relieve all my tension for today.

It's already three day after my semester break. During flying back, everything seems wrong on the plane. I used to hate flight because of the nausea feeling, but still in previous I never had such a terrible vomit until this time. Vomiting finally ends up with flu and that bring me to hospital today where somehow I lost my phone. uuuuh.... it’s really bad when u losing something and u don't even understand how it's happen, that exactly my feeling right now.