Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I don't feel like want to post anything today, but I lost my phone, it’s my second time, feel like I am doing mistake again. Dunno whether I should blame fate or myself for being such a clumsy. Hopefully this post will relieve all my tension for today.

It's already three day after my semester break. During flying back, everything seems wrong on the plane. I used to hate flight because of the nausea feeling, but still in previous I never had such a terrible vomit until this time. Vomiting finally ends up with flu and that bring me to hospital today where somehow I lost my phone. uuuuh.... it’s really bad when u losing something and u don't even understand how it's happen, that exactly my feeling right now.

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  1. kecian dia... hehe... xpala... get well soon ya! :P