Saturday, July 23, 2011

Most Amazing States in Malaysia

Post ini hanyalah bertujuan untuk memberi maklumat, mungkin ada yang tidak setuju dan mungkin ada juga yang akan cakap.... ala... negeri dia mestilah dia maw bagi up kan, well memang betul, kalau bukan aku jadi siapa lagi yang bagi kan.  On the other side pla aku rasa ramai juga yang akan setuju dengan pemilihan SABAH Negeri di Bawah Bayu sebagai negeri teramazing n cantik di Malaysia. Aku pilih bukan suka-suka, tapi selepas tinggal di semenanjung ni lebih kurang setahun, ramai jugalah orang semenanjung yang maw pergi Sabah. Tu baru orang semenanjung, belum lagi Mat Saleh yang berlambak di aiport KL tu, pas tu kalau kat aiport KK pula berlambak orang dari Korea, China, n Japan yg direct flight dri negeri masing-masing ke KK.

I specially posted this to show my love towards  Sabah Below the Wind, my beautiful hometown, I love to share with people about this amazing spectacular place, it may sound exaggerated but this is the truth. I would like to welcome the whole world to came here cause you won't regret it, but you gonna fall in love with the scenery, island,jungle, food, culture and many more. So lets check it out

Sabah got the best island and beaches in the world , Sipadan,Layang-layang, Mabul, Langkayan, Mantanani, Tiga ( first time Survivor broadcast is here), Manukan, Sibuan, Kapalai, Memutik, Gaya ( We got more but this is the famous one)

1. Sipadan Island

 2. Mantanani Island ( The Mermaid Island )

3. Memutik Island

4. Tiga Island

                              ( I personally don't think I should mention the Survivor again, right )

Ok stop there with the beaches, sand and Island, cause there is a lot more to explore. Sabah Tropical rainforest was spectacular. Its start with the Kinabalu Mountains, the highest mountains in South east Asia

1. Kinabalu Mountain

2. Ranau, Kundasang ( Golden Kundasang Highland )

                                               ( Its Sabah, not New Zealand okay )

( Tagal Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti Fish massage, u should never miss this once u reach Kundasang )

                                  ( This one also not in Switzerland or somewhere else in Europe )

  3. Maliau Basin ( Sabah's Lost World)

                                                                  4. Danum Valley 

5. The Tip of Borneo

               Winds are strong here in June to October but in the winter months tajau laut is strongest

                                                                   6. Padas Rafting

                                      7. Orang Utan Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

8. Gaya Street (Street market, we often called it Tamu in Sabahan language ). You can get everything here, from the tasteful local fruit, super fresh local vegetable and seafood ( if u intent to cook yourself ), the craft, pearl, local Sabahan food, flower, sarong, just name it. You will found it here.

                                           ( You won't believe how much this old stuff cost )

                                                           The craft and the pearl

                                                      9. Tenom Agricultural Park

Okay enough with the beautiful places because not only that make your vacation feels like billion bucks here but the food, I mean real food, the seafood, super fresh vegetable, local fruit,street market food, the culture and a lot more.

1. Seafood, well don't get jealous with the Sabahan, we never accept frozen seafood, most of us want straight away form the sea. You can get fresh seafood from everywhere, if u right now in the main city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, I suggest to take a break at Tajung Aru beaches, here u got the scenery, the food, coconut juice and everything.

This is Tanjung Aru food court , very simple just with a square table and plastic chair but the food is super duper first class. The best time here is at night. That lobster there only costs Rm 8-10.

                      The pickles is my favorite part , they got everything. 
See, first class reservation here..... Fells like I wanna be there right now

2. My Favorite street food

Chicken wing Barbecue, wherever street market u go in Sabah, doesn't matter night or morning u will found this, its all taste and look the same, GEEEZ.... its taste perfect, the ingredients mixed very well, its like the art of Sabahan local street food. Its cost Rm 1.50 ( Kalau kat semenanjung orang panggil kepak ayam atau ayam bakar madu, kira special la kononnya, kalau di sabah, di mana2 pun ada jual n dia hanya tulis sayap ayam, madu tu kira bahan wajib la...)

Long time ago this Kelapa Bakar ( Burn Coconut juice) kinda popular, but nowadays rarely to find it, but there is still some people keep selling it. I myself honestly never taste it but most people claim it very delicious.

This one is Jagung bakar a.k.a grilled maize I guess, huhu, i don't even know the name in English. Some maize is grilled after cleaned but this one is fresh from the harvest . Its taste sweet, well it is sweet corn. 

Have u seen this fruit before, we call it Tarap, in Philippines it called Marang. I believe most of u never taste this fruit. Its taste sweet and the smells very strong. I still remember when I was kid my dad used to fried it coated with flour.There is a lot more food to talk about. But i want to talk about cultural celebration.

Here we got the Kaamatan celebration which is the most popular, many people came from around the world to celebrate it even the Mat Saleh. This celebration is for the spirit of paddy, kinda a thankful for paddy to feed people.

The most popular even in Kaamatan is Unduk Ngadau a.k.a Beauty Contest 

Every year in Sabah we got Sabah Dragon Boat Race. This is differ with the Regata one and Powerboat race

Before they start the Dragon Boat race, its start with beating the Chinese drum.

Water Festival, Regatta Lepa is a celebration in Semporna distric every April each year. Its a celebration where the native Bajau Semporna will compete each other about their most beautiful sailboat decoration. It is most colorful event. The competition also followed with a cultural show such as traditional dances from maiden and kid.

The sailboat

                                                                Traditional dance

                                                            Its decorated beautifully

Lets move on to the powerboat race. The day I am leaving Sabah ( months ago) is the time they were compete. I really hope one day I'll be able to watch this people race with their boat.

                               Last but not least is the flora and fauna. I proudly present u this

This is Tuhau (google for more info ), we don't used to eat this way but we chop it turn into very small pieces, Sabahan used to make Tuhau pickle an keep it in fridge 

                                                                     Red Durian

                          Bambangan fruit, we used to make it as pickles, Most Sabahan love pickle..... 

Even tough Sabah are most popular with the nature beauty, unique culture, seafood, beaches and island but I am sure some of would love to have high class shopping experience here, personally I would recommend 1 Borneo Shopping Complex, Center Point Shopping Complex, Plaza Wawasan, KK Plaza and Karamunsing Shopping Complex 

Besides everything that I mention above, I few places here that must visit whenever u reach Sabah

1. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
2.Likas Bird Sanctuary
3. Kinabatangan Rivers  
4.Monsopiad Cultural Village
5. Museum 
6. Sabah Tea Garden
7. Poring Hot Spring
8. Labuk Bay Proboscis 
9. Tuaran Crocodile Farm
10. Tamu Besar Kota Belud

Happy Visiting Sabah, Land below the wind.....

p/s: Besides Sabah, I personally think Sarawak also one of the most beautiful states, I been there once but didn't have time to explore much, I also suggest u Melaka even I never been there. Sorry for the broken English....huhu... 


  1. Wow sa sendiri orang Sabah, tidak pula tau some places here in Sabah. #embarrassed

    Nice entry, anyway =D

  2. Nice one! i want go to the islands, lost world, danum!! :) btw, the tarap, isit different from nangka (jackfruit)? or it is the same thing?

  3. Differ la... not many people know it, but most Sabahan did.... Came to Sabah, I'll treat u that tarap.... :P

  4. haha... sure... 1 day i'll come... :P

  5. haha.main ko kina. x pena pula aku jumpa red durian tu.mau cari la nti

  6. ada ba pula lul.... bilang kawanku durang siap buat aiskrim lagi.... sedap kunun b'lemak ni....hehe

  7. dah pergi sebahagian tempat masih belum pergi sebahagian tempat. hari tu pergi kundasang, poring, kinabalu park dan karambunai..

    tak sempat pergi tempat lembu, maliau basin, pulau2 dan lain2.. kalau saya pergi sana, boleh jadi toruist guide tak?

    1. Hehe... besar ba sabah, nda berani aq jd T. Guide, nnt sesat kta sama2, Insya-Allah, nnt klaw sya sda pgi semua tmpat, ble ja d'atur.., but nway u're welcome to sabah anytime.. )

  8. Ha ha ha.. sa sudah round habis Sabah,and sa Bangga!! Even Danum sama Maliau Basin pun sudah.. !! I Love Sabah tahap gaban.. :-p

    1. Yuuu... aki, jeles sya ooo klaw bab danum n m.basin, bukan sennag maw smpai sana, mdh2an nnt tsampai la ... Saya pun love sabah tahap gaban... haha