Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nothing Much to post

Yesterday night I just new got back to this collage after 10 most amazing day preparing for the Independence and Malaysia day . We all 2300 Merdeka choir team from 10 different Teacher Trainee collage in Peninsular Malaysia and most proud to say from different culture... Got too many Sabahan and Sarawakian there... hehe, I am so happy meet my hometown people,  stayed at Putrajaya for ten days, not enough sleep but every second is wonderful. I am just grateful being part of this amazing experience.

A lot of thing happened around, 21 August as I recall I left a massage on my shoutmix that I won't be able to post anything around  2 week....and now it's almost 1 month already ....no new topic, it's not like I've got  thousand readers  waiting for my next post but still its awkward when u have blog and didn't posted anything almost a month, right.

Too many thing is waiting to be  posted here,  Before Raya, the Raya, Before Merdeka day, the Merdeka day, the assignment, and this weekend, the badminton talk.... OMG....what a hectic my life is... I am trying to find a little space... and this the only moment I've got....as soon as possible when everything is done, maybe the Deepavali Holiday.... I am looking forward to post something.....

A little bit about the Independence a.k.a Merdeka day.... It's awesome, amazing, full of enjoyment..... Gosh... Its feel so good rapping on the second highest stage and listening a great credit from minister,knowing that we have  made an history..... We beat KOREA maaaa....haha ..... We perform the Human Graphic just training in 10 days.... still all visitor came every night and portrayed their ahahah moment.... KOREA done it in 5 month.... I am feeling good.... It's feel million bucks.... :)

 I was involved here, the Merdeka Day human graphic,  it's was so much fun 

Till then.... I'll post again.... no so soon 


  1. yUP...ada org komen dlm enta site apa.... dia ckap... latar manusia ble tahan... then I reply.... if u part of us... it's not juz 'Bole Tahan' kind of word.... bcuz... best...hehe

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  3. seems that u had great time there. :D btw, ur english hd improved. i like this post. :D write more about ur personal n daily life so that i can catch up wif ur life... miss ya! :P

  4. Yeah... kong Comment... ( ada button like ka)...hehe... miss u too... :) have a great life r...:), will post again later on.