Monday, October 31, 2011

Random post

I am living in a new surrounding, almost one and half year, maybe I shouldn't say it new. This life bring me to the new universe, learning that an atmosphere sometime full with a black cloud and you were missing those day where you hated the sun at most.

Just in a slightly few month I won't be 18 anymore, dunno whether it's a great feeling or well I exactly dunno what feeling should I carry for this next number of 18.

This lately my night was not very pleasant to fall in sleep. Brain spinning like it never want to stop, keep praying to God so that I can get sleep, but then I still not. It's tiring actually. I am exhausted with all my stupid thought.

Nothing remain the same for every second, yourself is changing, and suddenly you herd shocked accident happen in your hometown, it was devastated cause you missing that place so badly while pray may everything gonna be fine at the end.

Along this journey, you face some hard time, though you never stop. I thank you for that, for still never give up, for have faith in yourself and your surrounding. This is never stop, and I am willing to learn for every second.


  1. Cheer up! I promise it'll make a difference. (:

  2. Ya, waiting for home sweet home soon... :)