Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay this not some kind of topic everyone would love, but this surely will hit everyone.
I am not losing anyone that so close to me, but my parents did.
Surprisingly it's happen one after one. 
Firstly  it was my mother relatives, her uncle a.k.a my granddad . He was crushed by a lorry. Such a poor way to die. May Him R.I.P
Secondly my father relatives, her aunt a.k.a my granny. This is very shocked to my father and his entire family. Most sadly, she is died alone at home. May Allah bless her.
Thirdly is my uncle mother in law. She had been paralyzed for a long time as actually I don't even know how long . Maybe her time has arrived.Thanks God, now she has no more pain.
Fourthly my father's cousins, this one I do not know what story I should tell about and still there is another cousins of my father currently in a critical situation. I know he will survived. He have to.

Why I am telling a death story, perhaps because my family have been a long time didn't hit by a death news. Most of this news came just like that. It was an accident, sudden death, longtime sickness that became cause of death, but what I believed is God has called them, and it such an honored to leave this world with full dignity and knowing the fact that there is so many people love you, God has love you more.

Death just remind me that every thing will be ended one day and you must live it while you still alive.
p/s : All good thing a coming to me everyday. Love has no limitation, Give more love everyday....

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