Saturday, January 7, 2012

It Was Last Year

Hello peeps, it’s not so bright  here in Kuala Lipis, Pahang my second home, well Sabah is where my heart always belong. It’s been a week I am here…

Okay, this update is going to be about last year life, I know it’s too late for New Year UPDATE….but, at least I did try to update something  before the first week of 2012 ends .

So about last year, it was great bebe… I travel a lot with least amount of money, as for me if I were waiting to have a lot of money, then I will travel, this not going to happen, because the aim of traveling for me is about to see new place and meet some new people, not shopping ( even I love shopping ). My lecturer said go wherever you want, see new places, met new people even you have little amount of money, and that exactly what I did, and I manage to make it. Do it your style.

About my study last year in Teacher Trainee Collage, the second semester is not as chaos as third semester, being involve for so many thing, but it’s done already and now 2012 I am in my degree. Alhamdullillah, praise to God.

Last year, I did found really, I mean really amazing book such The Power ( I borrowed from my close friend), read it about 1 month and finished two week before 2012. So for 2012 it’s going to be “ The Secret ”. I am doing it my way, vice versa isn’t  but Rhonda said it’s okay….

However it’s not only that, I did found Note From Universe, The Best Book, Ripley Believe It Or Not, People Who Change The World, Most Infamous Criminal, I Laugh You,  a few delicious recipe book…. Asian recipe. I found it all in Big Bad Wolf event…. The greatest event on planet…. Well yeah, it’s great because I am not the only one  crazy about that. I guess everyone….

Somewhere around Disember 2011, some closest relative and friends get married, while some did find their way back into God. May their soul Rest In Peace .

It’s a lot of thing last year, I do remember the sweet memory, but most of all, I didn’t remember any hard one. Bad thing should never take place in my memory.

During last year holiday, I love Sunday the most, cause I am going to street market to get some very fresh food and a few goods that cheer my day. Back here in collage, Sunday means last day of weekend which is last day having rest because Monday is going to start.

Well yeah….
It’s 2012 and it’s a brand new life
I am going to step up one level….. with that I love you LORD… Amin.

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