Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I did

I did criticize and I am sorry for that
I did Judge and I am really sorry for that
Perhaps I was Hypocrite for not telling the truth but I have no other option
Things are not perfect around, so do myself
People say, expect less... but I want more
I have more imagination than I ever thought
I love the way it is, the way how I imagine
I want to decide for myself
until I realize my life is not just about me at all
I did affected some others
When thing were not as I was planned
It's hard and thing  leave me in unknown emotion
Tough it's rain today, I wanna say Thank you sunshine
Tough I am far away form place I called home,
I wanna say what a wonderful sleep tonight in a bed exactly feel like in my room
Tough tomorrow has not arrive yet, I wanna say thank you for what happen next.....

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