Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sneak Peek

Hey... my beloved readers
Well as usual I am gonna make excuse for not update anything
But rather than just make excuse, I 'll leave you with sneak peek on how great my life for the past two months
Actually I am just taking part with two project, should I called it project, hmmm... we'll see in next post.

So I learning dancing... Haha, I am never thought I am going to do this, We are performing in front of the King in state where I am studying now. It's quite tiring, I can choose to not taking part, but in my ages now I choose to learn as much as possible. You wanna know, what the name of dancing I am learning is... " Tarian Labi-Labi " a.k.a Turtel Dance.... Hahaha... We have a costume that surely make Misses Gaga felt threatened. She does called me, ask if the costume has copyright, if not she want to make one for the next Grammy Award. Just kidding, no offence, Okay... Misses Gaga.

                          * Actually we got shell on our backside which make this costume interesting *

Just three days after that, I leaving to the jungle for completing my course in  four days, three night. It's a compulsory course called BIG (Bina Insan Guru) a.k.a Building a Teacher Character
 * well, I am a future teacher in another 4 years, just in case you don't know about that* . So this BIG thing is sort of camping program, but more fun than what you imagine, and teach you a lot of thing. It does teach me a lot. We were camping in Pahang National Park, The jungle and river were awesome, I would love to have it again. Now I am officially a rafting lover, I 'll do it again in my Hometown, Sabah.

p/s : If possible after finish my exam, I'll update more about my activity at National Park, it was a lot of fun being there and all the team was superb. We have a really great co-operation. Thank You so much, not forgotten the amazing Lecturer.