Saturday, May 12, 2012

Get well soon, Dear ....

I thought last year I was immune with any disease until this recently I been infected with serious cough and flu
" suddenly you realize... Oh Dear... who are you to have such thought on your lovely mind ", aren't you ever heard that normal people do get sick. Yeah, I thought I was fine. But then I been infected twice in a month, what on earth am I to ever think so. Oh... what a pathetic myself long ago. Thus, now I am just pray to God that this may not be longer than I can hold to.

* Kerana sakit itu adalah hadiah dari Allah yang maha esa untukmu, berbahagialah kerana Tuhan sudah mula menghiraukanmu, kerana diberinya kau dugaan, maka dia begitu sayang padamu. Kerana sakit itu adalah pemusnah dosa-dosa kotormu. Amin... Alhamdullilah *

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