Sunday, June 17, 2012

She was raped

That girl was raped yesterday
She was traumatized
Nobody did really understand the pain that she carry on her shoulder
She was too scare that it might happen again
She scared that guy may have her again
she couldn't even open a door
she couldn't look at people eyes
she couldn't stare from the window
every guy looks like the rapers
Something killing her inside
the thought that guy may found her again
this thought is unbearable
Deep inside she was too scared to leave the house
to be at the subway alone
she just pray that this may not happen again
not in a million years
She knows that its not her fault
and the choice belong to her
to tell her story or not
Actually nobody did really understand .....
not even until today
because people just busy judging around
Her emotion is not fake but many criticize like hell
she didn't choose to be this way
at the end she suicide in a bathtub

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