Friday, December 27, 2013

Super Duper Easy Banana cake

1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of oil
2 eggs
5 tablespoon icing sugar
1 cup of Banana (mashed)
1 teaspoon Soda Bicarbonate
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1. Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, S. Bicarbonate, B. Powder)
2. Mashed the Banana
3. Mix the oil and egg
4. Mix 2 & 3
5. Pour mixer 4, into 1

Done ...!
Sincerely from Mr. Google ...

Waking Up in the Morning

As a human, it's important for us to feel good about ourselves
have you ever remember waking up one day
looking at yourself, wondering what happen
like my situation
handling my acne
was very serious business
but after all it's not just acne
the weight
and what hurt the most is people around
you try not to ignore
but somehow you failed
the cause is very simple
we just human

It tore apart my heart
when I hear critics from people
specially the one that just being with me in the class
not in my previous life before

It really  hard, a lot of tear to be shed
I almost collapsed
that I can't catch my breathe
when I cry

and somehow I thank my friends
that console me, when I was about to fall
like I don't know how to stand anymore
they remind me

You have done this before, thus you can always do it again
it's okay dear, none of those bastard perception is higher than their mouth
you doing great all this time, I knew it, and that all that matter

I really thank all my friend that kept telling me
You have done so well !

Thanks dear friends
To Mus & Nurul

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What yoga has taught me

1. Perfection do exist
2. No, they don't !
3. love yourself enough to do little stretch
4. Be content with small achievement
5. Give yourself time
6. Love
7. Don't be hard with yourself
8. Be compassion enough to let your body just flow
9. Breathe
10. Focus

Basically yoga has taught me too many thing, that I am so grateful for doing yoga everyday ..... :)

Be gentle with yourself

Friday, November 15, 2013

Salah masuk

Kisah Hari Raya 2013

Rasa macam kenal perempuan ni
ditegur, nda menyahut
oooo... sala orang la ni

Sampai Sabah
eee... si Lala
kan betul, ko ba yang aku nampak semalam tu, aku panggil, 
ko nda menyahut, jadi aku fikir salah orang

Lala: Aku satuorang ja di KLIA tu kina
        Tu la au pusing2 macam orang gila tu, mamai aku tu
        Tu la aku nda perasaan ko
        Ko tau, aku masuk tandas lelaki lagi
        Sampai lelaki yang takut masuk toilet

Hahaha * Macam mana kita boleh salah masuk tandas aaa*

Tiba2 time baru balik dr Camping di Kuantan
Bangun tidur, driver bas ckap, trun la sini solat
so aku pun turun terus menuju tandas
and then guess what 
Aku masuk tandas lelaki
baru mau masuk, ada lelaki keluar
aku terus bingung
ok aku salah masuk

And then last monday, sampai ja airport cari toilet
ada satu tandas, satu ja sign, then  I start to confuse
I stood for like 10 second I guess try to figure out the signboard
and why it's just 1 toilet
as I remember it should be two toilet
then ada lelaki keluar
He told me
toilet perempuan kat depan....
Oooo... ok, TQ ... :)

Now I know, macam mana perempuan salah masuk tandas
Do this happen to men too ?
problem is if this happen to men, he must be in trouble .... poor them
some time, they don't meant to
unless they meant to ...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Online Shopping

I am just like any ordinary girls when talk about shopping
I am pro, and I think shopping is the best exercise ever
Me my roommates, we never get tired when we do shopping specially Jalan TAR
or any shopping complex, I strongly believed shopping is good for our mental, physical but not financial
but that is the purpose of money right, to spend them.... so direct shopping, manual shopping, whatever you call them is fun... and nowadays, we get too busy, we don't have time, so we prefer scroll down the internet... Online Shopping.

So, my favorite online shopping is taobao * tapi takda kat Msia
this is something like ebay, but china ebay, since it's China so the price is almost half price
I don't read pinyin, but my lappy do have tanslation, so oklah for price, and little information, got direct translation by google, nevertheless, I have my Chinese friends to help me.

Method of transaction is pretty much, my friend know this people that running the business as middle person, in Malaysia, so we will sent to them the items we want and then they will count the price including postage, most of the item calculate like this - price /2 x 1.1- ( divide 2 since the currency in yuan), then for postage is RM12 for 1 kg, it's for peninsular, but I am not sure for Sabah and Sarawak, since I only shop when I was in Peninsular, Pahang.

Lets check out this site taobao link

So  thhe price 9.90 yuan = RM 5 
Postage = Consider this shoes 1 kg =RM12, actually it's lighter
so overall this shoes is just RM 17.00 ~ Most probably just RM 15, 
Damn cheap isn't because in Malaysia, the cheapest one maybe RM 50
But since it's from China, It takes almost one month to arrived

My review : I mostly satisfied, just sometimes, you know when you buy something specially in very big online shop site, there are many store, maybe some of the owner try to get a little benefit, like my lace I paid for 1 meter and half, but what arrives it's only half meter. Well I mean, there is no way it could be perfect but the quality of items I am satisfied, like this lace, if In Malaysia, they sell for like RM 60 or the cheapest I could find is RM 25 for 1m, but in this site, only RM 15 including postage, and the fabric is really nice, exactly the way you see them, but yet, don't hope too much, like my first time buying from this site is my bag, I thought it was pink, but arrives, It's red.... I am not really happy at first, but after all I really love it, that why I still shop here, because it is still very cheap compare to Malaysia price, no matter what. I mostly buy all my quirky bag from here, and most of friend said my bag is quirky, cute, and nice... so I am really satisfied. 

I never buy shoes yet, I suppose buy one, but since I went back to Sabah already, so I have to postpone my shopping next year, but my friend do buy shoes annd luggage, and they just so lovely that you can't refuse to have one.

So here's from Taobao shopping site link

and here's mine.... the quality of fabric is lovely, I just love it

So far, all the thing is too pricey in Msia, like this lace I buy from here or thing that doesn't have in Msia, like my quirky bag, link, Of course we have bag in Msia, but they don't have kinda design, so overall I love spending money here, and so far I've purchased like 5 bag, 5 lace, since the postage is pretty late... overall this transaction take about 2 months including waiting for the people to reply our email because they have many customer.

p/s :I actually don't really mind buying stuff from China, since today all stuff is made in China, maybe people will say, it's not Original, I don't mind too because the quality is really good, like buying Dr. Marten boot from this site, and buying another one from Dr. Marten store, its exactly almost the same, just maybe real Dr. Marten made in England, So as for me I even buy bundle clothes, as long as they still in  fine shape, I am Satisfied, furthermore it  makes me happy since they really cheap. 

xoxo, see you then, Lots Of Love ,,, 

I am back

Hi, I am back .....
I am back after struggling with some hormone acne, exam, laptop damaged * how I suppose to address my laptop, I feel so sad about that, and it's been such a very long time since I wrote in English... hehe, sometimes I wrote in Malay because it's easy to use more cynical word, or to hide something but actually try to tell something, haha.... is that kinda thing exist, whatever and sometimes I wrote in English because umh... I don't have any reasons, so... I may do some grammar mistake, please don't even mention about that... I just wanna blogging, this blog is not my essay so don't try to be English teachers with me, but yah, I am trying to improve my English .... So sit back and relax, and don't forget to eat your choclate just as much as you eat your veggie, this is just random post .... Will be back soon.

p/s : I love writing, whether I have readers or not, I just simply love it .... 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dr. Marten boots

You can't not love this shoes 
This boots is just amazing
will get myself one
hehe ..... 

Here is Jessica Alba with
 Dr. Marten


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Aku ingat kebaikan sudah hilang
sehingga aku jumpa insan-insan yang cantik ini
yang menabur budi
tidak kira masa

Mereka baik
buat aku lupa sumpahan
yang aku hembus sebentar tadi
pada insan-insan yang otaknya agak terlebih pintar

Mereka baik
buat aku malu
jadi jahat .... Hahaha

Mereka ini buat kau percaya
dunia akan jadi lebih baik
meskipun ada yang bangang
sungguh, aku tak nak guna perkataan ini

ditabur, dan disemai
menjadi nadi mereka, dihembus dalam nafas
tanpa peduli, biar yang lain menghembus asap
mereka terus dengan KEBAIKAN


Aku lihat kecantikan
pada mereka yang bangun pagi
dengan harapan

Mereka yang sangat cantik
yang buat aku rasa betapa
artis-artis dengan kecantikan palsu
akan cemburu
actually sangat cemburu
*aku bukan cakap semua artis fake, ada je yang cantik

Mereka sangat cantik
bangun terus menuju untuk mandi
meneruskan hidup, kerja
mereka yang hanya biasa-biasa

Mereka yang ada disakiti
tetap terus kuat, kukuh
mereka yang disayangi
dihargai, dan menghargai

Ahhhh... Cantiknya mereka
insan biasa-biasa ini
yang tidak terlalu mencuba menjadi luar biasa
Mereka hanya mereka
yang terus senyum
terus membantu
selagi ada tangan
biar penat
Mereka selagi ada kudrat
tetap datang untuk membantu

Aku lihat kecantikan
suatu kecantikan
yang abadi
yang tidak luput
biarpun ada kedut

Mereka ini sangat cantik
wajah mereka
budi mereka
hati mereka
yang sudah mahal sekarang
dan mereka masih wujud
biarpun ada orang menghina
kecantikan mereka
Mereka kekal cantik

paling cantik, ketika baru bangun pagi,
terus menuju mandi
mengosok gigi

Friday, September 27, 2013


Aku mencuba sehabis baik
kemudian aku serahkan kepada yang maha kuasa
Tolonglah ya Tuhan

semalam aku cuba berikan kau ubat dengan tangan
nampaknya tidak berhasil
aku takut kau masuk ICU

Orang kata, kan ada peganti yang lain
macam kumbang dengan bunganya
aku cuma harap
kita bertahan lebih lama
mungkin dalam 5 tahun
maka setelah itu pasrah

Semoga dipanjangkan jodoh kita
wahai Laptopku yang sudah banyak berjasa
sekarang sedang menaip
Kau perlu air suam nampaknya .... :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hilang Rasa

Jam terus berpusing
dan kaki terus berjalan ikut arahan
bukan ikut hati
Jam berpusing2
lama2 jadi zombi
Hilang rasa,
hanya menghirup udara untuk bernafas
dan terus hidup
semua orang akan mati,
tapi bukan semua hidup

ntah, siapa
roh, jasad
dua2 mau mati
Lupa Tuhan ko ya....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Kita penat jadi kita
kita yang baik rasanya
yang selalu dianjing-anjingkan
kemudian bila kita penat
kita pun explode
dan apabila kita burst
tidak pula mereka berfikir
yang selama ini mereka menganjingkan
apa yang dianjingkan itu rela sahaja

Kata orang buat baik, takkan ada orang ingat
cuba buat sekali jahat
seumur hidup kau diingati
nak menerangkan
bukan makin faham
makin buat-buat tak faham

Agaknya memang macam tu kan
bukan tanggungjawab aku buat kau faham
tapi dah memang kesian ni susah juga
harap-harap suatu hari nanti
kau faham dengan sendiri
masa tu
jangan lupa angguk-angguk kepala

bila kau buat kat orang
kau gelak
terus menganjing
bila kau kena nak pula diintan payung kan
hahaha, gelak pun berubah
tak apa la
teruskan la menganjing
kalau dah penat
nanti menkhinzir pula

Terima kasih la ye ...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Berfikiran Positif

Di tengah2 lambakan
gambar yang photoshopped
media yang curang
sistem yang kacau

Semoga kita sentiasa berfikiran positif *skema
saban hari paper keluar macam2 cerita
semoga kita tidak lupa
bahawa bukan semua macam dalam paper
dan kebaikan masih wujud

Semoga kita bersihkn hati
percaya bahawa
kebaikan itu senitasa ada

Semoga kita boleh senyum selalu
dan menari untuk setiap
perkara kecil yang menggembirakan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Aku rasa macam salah
tapi aku bukan buat apa
aku mengata kah
aduh makan daging sendiri aku
tapi aku percaya dari sudut lain
itu bukan kata
tapi luahan atas kekecewaan

Ya, aku ada rasa salah
kau tak buat salah pun
cuma saja kamu abai aku
aku pergi ke tempat lain
yang bagi aku banyak
banyak kasih sayang
yang buat aku ketawa setiap hari
yang buat aku percaya
aku tidak perlu paksa
pada perkataan

it will get better
no regret
we will get better

Maaf aku mengata
tapi aku bukan sengaja
cuma aku percaya itu cerminan untuk sekian lama
atas pantulan serba sempurna
yang dipancar sepurnama ini

Cumanya agak kekok kita kadang2
mungkin aku juga mengabaikan
tapi buat2 tak tahu
aku salah
kalian salah
siapa salah

Biarlah itukan sudah tidak penting
yang penting setiap hari
aku mampu cakap
Aku gembira
dan terima kasih ajar aku

We love you more than love

Thank You

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Tengok kalender
dah usang
nak carik
belum abis july lagi la
kejap lagi kita carik
cepat lah cepat lah

cepat lah semuanya abis
cepatlah meninggalkan sini
cepatlah balik rumah
cepatlah habis 2 tahun
cepatlah asinmen siap
cepatlah, cepatlah aku seru


Siapa mulakan bicara
siapa yang lagaknya berbicara
kami cuma pendengar setia
tanda kagum kononya
cerita yang ko canang2
akhirnya kau mungkir jua

Bak aku yang pernah jijik pada Korea
mungkir kita lebih kurang saja
kau terlalu hebat ketika berkata
kau canang hebat2
dan kini kau mungkir
Kita jilat ludah masing2 akhirnya
cuma ludah kau terlalu hebat

Kau yang mencanang
kau yang mulakan bicara
bukan kami kan
jadi apa yang kau harap
Umpama Asyraf Muslim
minta difahami

Sikit pun it doesn't matter
tapi ia matter pada kau sampai kau dusta
dulu kan tak ada dusta
mungkin lepas 3 tahun masing-maisng nak tunjuk belang

Dulu kau kata dia begitu
kini kau begitu
kerana itu aku gembira pergi jauh
dulu kau kata aku begitu
kini kau begitu
kami lihat sajalah

Kita kan manusia
bisa2 saja berubah esok hari
kerana itu waktu mencanag beringat2
nak gelak lagi
dulu kau kata kau bukan stlye begitu
hehehe, gelak sudah berubah
macam mungkir
gelak juga berubah .....

Monday, July 22, 2013

As if we are always blind

Have you read this quote

Be kind to your parents
You might never ask for them
But they pray for you

I just saw this about 2 month ago
so whenever I had fight with my mum
I remind myself about this

It's been 20 year
everytime we fight
I said you suppose never give birth to me
in silence
you make my life hard
you just never know a thing I want
I believe sort of thing
I believe that it was her mistake that I was born
that she refuse to abort me
when doctor say so
then when I growing up so small
in my modern thinking
I believe it's not vitamin she give
but drug

Often I blame
less I say thank you
or I love you

But when I read that quote
and when my senior had baby
and everyday even their baby is still unborn
they pray and pray
after give birth
they love and love

mek su : Mak jatuh ngan Adra setiap hari
cocok : Genap 11 bulan mencintaimu Altaf Haziq

As I said I was blind
only then I realised so
you just never know how much they love you
Some maybe hiding
Some may seems bad
but they are in love with you at least once
and that little once is what mean the most

Watch this please, You're the one who matter the most and you're the who strength them every single day

Sunday, July 21, 2013

For once

For once
I am happy to say
I am glad I choose my own path
far than both of you
I found others
whom ask for my love
and whom I have love to give

For once I say with all my heart
we're a family
I'll be there whenever you need me,
and I have the exact same faith too
It's not really about taking care
or show you care
it's about listen
and know they will understand
it wasn't just talk
it's deeper than that

For once
I keep all my regret
that I have all this year
not trying harder anymore
to tell myself to believe it's "no regret"

For once

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dekat dan Jauh

Kita dekat
tapi mengapa jauh
Kita jauh
tapi terasa sangat dekat
pernah rasa macam tu
hahaha... itu semua bohong
tapi aku rasa tiada bohong
kerana aku yang rasa
apa kau rasa
itu kan rasa mu

Kalau kau rasa kita semakin jauh
kenapa tidak kau rapatkan
oh ya, aku lupa
aku percaya
pada kata-kata

one day we will stop taking care of each other
one day you will became people that I knew
I am afraid of so
but it will happen
it's just a matter of time

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Me and my room mates is dying want to have a pieces of Secret Recipe
mengidam acara beregu la katanya
tiap2 minggu kononnya nak singgah secret Recipe
tapi tak singgah juga... haha
tiba-tiba di suatu pagi yang mulia
dum-dum, tok-tok
kak daya : Nah ambek ni kek, husband kak fara bagi
*husband kak fara beli sebiji besar Chocolate Indulgent, dorang dua tak larat nak makan
so selebihnya ( ada banyak lebih) dihadiahkan kepada kami

Hehe.... bahagianya, dah b'minggu2 nak, tapi tahan je la, fulun dah habis time tu,
Do you think it's just coincidence, well, I don't think so
I think it was what called as REZEKI

Hari ni dapat satu lagi from my Chinese mates, thanks dear :)



Her name is mus
cita-cita dia Suri Rumah berkerjaya
hehe... kami selalu mau jadi wanita berkerjaya
tapi tidak mau kerja
kami mau duduk ruma ja
Sir Felix yg hensem : Ok mus, apa cita-cita ko
dan setiap kali ditanya, she always say
Sya mau jadi housewife
suri rumah berpendidikan.... hehe
kami mau duduk rumah ja... hehe

-Dear Mus Edora-
hehe, kalau terjumpa ni beb, jangan mara aaa
I love you ... kehkeh
I love you too noey, nnt kita makan mee sup... hekhek

Monday, July 15, 2013

R.I .P Cory Monteith

Finn To Rachel

You're real star, you need to shine,
Just because I can't be with you, doesn't mean I don't believe in you

* I can't believe this script is actually meant for something

About Finn Hudson a.k.a Cory Monteith, it's not like I am die hard fan, but I love them, all the glee cast and watching Lea in such a devastation is hurt all Glee fan I believe

This is really heartbreaking for me when she cry on the coffin, it's so sad, she must be in deep shock specially she's not with Cory when he die. Cory was such a very talented man who have been through a lot. He started with Glee along lea, they were amazing partner, and of course great couple. I started watching Glee since it was just an ads and in the first episode, I totally fall in love with the idea of Glee, the amazing cast, Cory was one of the reasons, but since I went to collage I don't have time to really catch on them, and when yesterday my friend make status about Cory, I at first, feels like I know this man, and then, when I google him... Oh my Lord, I was in a very deep shock, He still very young, maybe it's just his time has arrived.

He just admit that he had a drug problem, and went to rehab, I believe he want to change, but sometimes the pain that you hold all this time is just unbearable, that why he choose drug. I am no one to judge, I just wish he never take it, but we just never know how hard it has been for him all this time. May God bless you, May Lea get through this. Lot of Love to Cory

R.I. P Cory Monteith 1982-2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


His name is titil
one of my cousins
kalau time petang cuti ujung tahun
time aku nak main
semua pun berlagak macam nak teman aku
nak support aku lah konon
utk lose weight
but you know what
most of the time
it end up macam haram

satu hari tu
me : okay kita joging sampai dekat jalan besar
      eh nda buli pula tiada tudungku

titil : biarla ba, cakap ja bukan Islam

me  : okay titil, I get it you still a kid .... :), jap aku ambil tudung dlu


Bukannya mengada
tapi dah biasa hidup macam tu
kalau nak cheesecake
pergi la rumah sebelah
buka peti ais
ada macam2 cake

bu ipa : Tadi aku tingu Anna Olson
           Ko tunggu, nnt aku buat kek macam dia

kehkeh my aunt, hobi dia buat kek
so kat rumah I really enjoyed fancy desserts

musim kemarau, semua buah my mum mati
so sad, dri jambu batu, sampailah precious lemon

My mum called kemarin, just want to say, bsuk puasa suda, ya
then as usual, ko ada duit lagi ka
actually I try to lie
tapi memikirkn memang tut...tut...tut
I laugh and then said, actually... tut...tut
my  dad : why don't you tell me earlier
it's ok, it's not a big deal
my dad : I'll bank in u tomorrow
Ok, happy fasting, bye ... 

5 tahun 5 bulan

Aku tunggu kau tiba
nak post kat fb,
eh dah 5 tahun 5 bulan
cepatnya masa berlalu
inilah post yang aku tahan
aku simpan

Sekarang baru genap 3 tahun
ari tu aku cakap kat fb dah 3 tahun
tolonglah teruskan bersabar
aku rasa matang aku ada up sikit
dah boleh cakap yang terbuku
aku sebenarnya kalau nak sampaikan sesuatu
sesuatu yang aku tak puas hati
kalau boleh nak buat style orang puti
" lets have a discussion"
" actually I got something to said"... hehe
* I prefer this way
dan aku berjaya
setelah tiga tahun kumpul kekuatan
dan Alhamdulillah
masing-masing terima kelemahan sendiri

Setiap rumah, tingkap, tangga, bilik
masing-masing ada cerita
takda yang perfect

Dah 3 tahun
tadi ys * my chinese classmate sedang siapkn sesuatu untuk
buat latihan jiran sebelah rumah dia umur 7 tahun yang tak pandai membaca
u bagi tuition ke
eh taklah, bila saya balik ruma je, saya ajar dia
dah berapa lama u ajar dia
dalam setahun jugalah

I assume dia tak dapat gaji
since I said, u buat tuition ke, dia ckap tak, n dia hanya ajar bila balik rumah je
Bagi aku apa dia buat sebenarnya awesome
she even tulis sendiri semua latihan untuk budak tu
when others prefer to just copy by machine
her effort sebenarnya something worth to be talked about
I was lucky dikurniakan banyak kawan banyak bangsa
kalau duk sabah aku tak pernah ada kawan India,
kawan aku di Sabah lain-lain agama, lain2 bangsa, tapi tkda India
* kecuali Sadiq Sigara, Alif Enterprise tempat aku ngan mus minta discount baju... kahkah
duk Lipis ni, macam-macam la kawan aku
yang ajar aku macam-macam

Kalau dalam 3 tahun ni aku belajar tut... tut... dan tut
nta kenapa aku rasa tempoh 3 tahun ni aku lebih banyak belajar hidup
banding belajar buku
sampai aku haus
rindu sejarah
bila Rica cakap nak pergi Cambodia
first come of cos Angkor Wat
Keajaiban dunia yang aku kenal sejak fom2
tunggu la ada rezeki
kita pergi Borubodur pla
I wish mum grant my wish

Bukan senang buat sesuatu tanpa mengharapkan apa-apa
bukan ramai macam tu
kerana manusia selalu mengharapkan sesuatu

Rahmadan Tahun ke-4 di Kuala Lipis

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Self Reflection

Angie once was said having relationship with her biological brother, even when she receive oscar, she bring her brother along and kiss him like couple. In order to protect Angie, her brother denied, but Angie is showing her love toward her biological brother ( men-women love) like they are the only one in world, I think the romance stop there cause they can't go any further. One thing about her that touch me the most is not her sexy lips, but her honesty that almost kill her, when she play Gia. What she stand for that she even refuse to settled with her dad, that she love her mother so much, even it is illegal love with her brother, she never care what people say. Even her kids is not from her body, she will never stop, She just wanted world to know that how much she can give love is as big as world is.


Sebenarnya kami hanya merepek
dalam bahasa sendiri
fikiran sendiri
menulis, bukan
kami hanya merepek
untuk diri sendiri
paling kurang untuk dibaca waktu tua nanti

Kami hanya merepek
generasi kami sebenarnya banyak merepek
generasi bawah kami pula
susah nak cakap
* semalam baru leak video couple 7 hari,
actually nak mention dia generasi bawah aku sikit... kahkah

Kami generasi PPSMI,
Generasi yang di tengah-tengah
di tengah-tengah kegemilangan Steve Jobs
dan di kelewatan batu seremban, galah panjang, patung barbie
macam-macam lagi lah
sedih tengok budak zaman sekarang
pasal duk main dalam tab yang dibanggakan sangat tu
duk mengadap ps2 je * aku tak pernah main ps2 ni...

Kami la generasi bawah sikit dari Fynn jamal
dekat sikit dengan mat luthfi
yang menulis kadang-kadang macam merepek
* aku je merepek, dorang tak
yang berbicara kami faham bukan semata-mata
untuk dibaca, untuk I folo u, U folo I
ketika zaman kegemilangan blog, sebelum Instag wujud
kerana satu gambar menceritakan sejuta kata... kehkeh, ye ke

Kami generasi yang aku sebenarnya boleh berbangga sikit
coz at least kami main biji getah
pasal tu kami generasi yang suka merepek
yang banyak kena hantar ke seberang laut
untuk belajar hidup manusia di dunia Atlantic City
* Mudah-mudahan suatu hari nanti aku dapat rezeki tu nak belajar Sejarah Atlantic City
Kot-kot tahun depan dah wujud dengan sahnya

Generasi kami rindu semasa di seberang laut
maka merepek la kami dalam bahasa dalam-dalam yang dalam
syukurnya generasi kami ramai
wujudlah insan-insan seperti --------
yang belajar tinggi-tinggi di sebelah laut
still menulis dalam bahasa Melayu
sekali-sekala menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris dianjingkan
kononya omputeh dah
hmmm... itulah masalah sesetengah generasi kami
yang merepek, dengan repek2nya, yang macam rempeyek
yang cakap tak guna otak, yang dah hampir dengan generasi
video bf si couple 7 day * ini bukan m'gutuk okay
dia penanda aras utk generasi dia, sekarang dia tengah hot
macam bidang politik pula, penanda arasnya saiful dan anwar

Merepek, I am just merepek okay
untuk diri sendiri
untuk dibaca waktu tua nanti
InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki,
aku nak study bab daun dengan stomata2nya
dan mana tahu aku jumpa Atlantic City kat mana
pas tu aku merepek lagi, sengaja menunggu jam 12 tengah malam
Salam Rahmadan.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anak muda

Kata bapanya,
akanku belikan dunia ini buatmu
untuk diarak ke kubur nanti
buat temanmu disana
Bapanya lupa
anaknya lupa
mungkin tidak cukup duit
maka kempunan membeli dunia
jadilah si anak kehausan di kubur

Kesian si anak,
bapaku salah, katanya nanti dunia akan teman aku dikubur
Kesian si bapa
duit tak cukup anak, rumah banglo, baju mahal,
kasut mahal, handphone mahal, fancy vacation
itu ja bapa mampu
nak beli dunia, tak cukup duit lagi
si anak mencebik,
katamu kau belikanku sedunia
buat peneman di kubur
nanti kau mati bapa
pergi persetan kau dikubur

Kesian si bapa
kesian si anak
kata bapa, aku cuma mahu kau rasa senang
tapi mengapa sampai kau persetankan aku
aku sudah belikan segalanya buatmu
cuma dunia ini saja, tidak mampu ku belikan
kerana dunia ini hakikatnya tak dapat kita arak ke kubur

Kata si anak
ah, dulu kau cakap
akan kau belikan dunia, buat temanku di kubur
pergi persetan kau mati di kubur

Aku kesiankan si anak muda, dan si bapa tua
berdua jiwa mereka kosong, berjoli di kota besar
diceritakan hal agama, menggelakkan tahunya
dikhabarkan dunia lebih kecil dari sebutir pasir
masih terhegeh pergi hospital, memancungkan hidung
mana tahu dalam kubur boleh jadi paling hensem

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nice Guy ( The Innocent Man) eps 20 review

I just finished watching this drama by afternoon, It was by Song Jong Ki and Moon Chae Won
The ending was a bit confusing for me that I can't digest what actually happen.
Clearly I am not satisfied, and I don't know why?
* Too bad I really get involved in this Korean Drama fever, I have to admit, yeah, I am Korean Drama Freak right now.

It's not big deal either, It's not like I got paid if I am not satisfied, it's just I have a big puzzle in my head.  I am so desperately want happy ending, it does happy ending but I don't understand what happen, so I watch back the scene where they already in village.

I try to comprehend, it's so stupid that I am doing this, it's not even my assignment, but I analysed the dialogue one by one, it seems like they left everything behind in the past and start a normal life in village, and Kang Ma Ru ( Song jong Ki) had Prognosia some kind of diseases where he is unable to recognize people, it seems like he doesn't recognize Eun Gi       ( Moon Chae Won) , my concern is whether the last scene actually they were reincarnated because he ( Kang Ma Ru) kept saying  * in another life/ in next life * and I didn't found any line where they stated that the doctor is actually Kang Ma Ru, and that Unni is actually Eun Gi but at the end they we're sitting in the bench and the doctor give Eun Gi a Ring, the ring Kang Ma Ru once buy for Eun Gi and him for their wedding ceremony. But I am still puzzled, and I hate this feeling, so I checked on what other people think. Most of them said, the ending was a bit rush, It was such a great story only if they don't rush the end .

Overall this is what I have to convince myself

Kang Ma Ru collapsed down the street because he couldn't get to hospital. He is hiding from Eun Gi that he actually got stabbed by attorney Ahn in order to protect Eun Gi, before collapsed, his dialogue

" I thought my present life was not very good, but that in next life I would surely meet Eun Gi again, and we would be like normal people. We would date and be in love the way we should have been. I prayed to God for that outcome "

Then 7 years later
I went straightly to the last scene in the village * this is the scene that means a lot and need a lot to comprehend

Eung Gi rushed to clinic where Kang Ma Ru worked because Myoeng Joo ( a little girl just came out from nowhere)  had a stomach pain, Eun Gi tell the nurse that she have to close he bakehouse then she will came back, when she came back there a doctor ( Kang Ma Ru) with Myong Joo

From Myong Joo accent, we could notice that the location of that small town is somewhere in the southern area of the country. She asked if Ma Ru really graduated from US. “Is it true that before going to the US, Doctor’s head was injured and after you received the surgery you lost all your memories?” * it seems like all the information told by Eun Gi to Myong Joo, and Eun Gi want to ask Ma Ru whether he remember that thing. Ma Ru confirmed what Myong Joo said as true. Ma Ru said that he wasn't having amnesia, but prognasia whereas he can't recognize people, but he have his memories as well as before sort of face blindness. Myong Joo mention that why Ma Ru always buy sandwich from Eung Gi Bakehouse even most of the sandwich and cake doesn't tastes so good according to people around, it seems like Ma Ru actually try to always be around Eun Gi all the time. And then Myong Joo asked  if the women in US were pretty but why he’s still alone and why he still want to be at that village. Ma Ru answered that the village was great and a lot of beautiful lady.  Then Myong Joo said  is my unnie ( Eun Gi) was one of the beautiful lady in that village, Ma Ru turned to see Eun Gi but seemed really didn’t recognize Eun Gi, but actually after turned he was smiled.

Ma Ru spent an evening at Eun Gi’s shop. Eun Gi secretly took picture of Ma Ru and then got caught.Ma Ru summoned her and checked on her camera. He found all his pictures. “Are you a paparazzi or something?” he asked. “Quite similar,” said Eun Gi. Ma Ru asked why she did that. Eun Gi didn’t hide her admiration for Ma Ru. ”Because you are a handsome man Lee Sang Hyeon.” Ma Ru asked since when she liked him. She said since recently. “Recently, when?” asked Ma Ru again. Eun Gi didn’t answerd.

For me is just that all this time Eun Gi has been around waiting for Ma Ru, It's relieved that I finally realised that, and it took me such a long time to comprehend this.

Another one evening. Eun Gi ran her life as usual, riding bike around the town. Ma Ru came to her shop and found a message that Eun Gi was off somewhere. So Ma Ru decided to wait for her on a bench by the street. Eun Gi saw Ma Ru was sitting there, sensing that he’s actually waiting for her. She sat at the other end of the bench. Then Ma Ru handed Eun Gi the little red box he had had long ago…the little red box he wanted to give Eun Gi but refrained because he found out Eun Gi’s memories had back. Eun Gi opened it up and found a couple of rings, wedding rings. Eun Gi realized that Ma Ru has gained his memories back. They both smiled to each other.

Along the scene started when Ma Ru came to Eun Gi bakehouse, there's background voice, which at first I really confuse, when was exactly the timeline of that voice, is that the same voice when he collapsed 7 years ago, through deep research in order to satisfied myself ... haha, I finally found that it was present voice . It's a actually the same pray 7 years ago, that he prayed again after he gain his memory back

This dialogue actually means a lot, it took us some time to really not just comprehend but feel what actually he's trying to say.

In next life I would surely meet Eun Gi again, and we would be like normal people. We would date and be in love the way we should have been. I prayed to God for that outcome "

Maru: “What kind of person she is… I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at times, because I want to look good in front of her, I’d learn the old school trot dance that her father likes, and learn baduk, and learn how to eat all different kinds of foods without being picky. And at times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artists. And at times, I’d go to the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day.”
“I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her, and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement and gratitude. To date like other people… I think I prayed for it.”
“And I say my prayers again: Thank you. Now, I am happy.”

I am just so happy too because he really fall in love with Eun Gi, not Jae Hee anymore, it's Eun Gi that he wanted the most even in another life.

The word again actually means  present time, finally I am really happy just being doing all this review, it satisfied myself, since the last scene doesn't satisfied, this review I believe would. It's hard to let go what I don't understand, but I finally have to realised at the end it's just such a really good drama, affected all people, it's okay I am not satisfied, longing around for this, I am not the only one and it's normal, all people have said the same thing in internet, but I must get my sense back.

It's just a beautiful, amazing melodrama, nevertheless, I actually would love if there is more
it's such an amazing, and fresh story. Finally Deabak director ... :), jinja Deabak ....

Source : Korean Drama ChaoDrama Beans

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sisi Jahat aku

Kau jangan berani tengok aku
Kalau aku penat jeling, aku cocok kan
in fact jeling pun aku tak pandai
tapi mata aku besar so orang suka nak salah faham
aku cocok kang, padan muka
Mencebik mulut bagai
Kau jangan berani buat macam itu
aku jual ko kat bapa ayam baru padan muka ko
Kalau ko tak pernah ikut bapak ayam, kaki perempuan, pengedar syabu
Kau jangan berani cakap apa-apa
aku hiris bibir kau nanti
Ini bukan nasihat tapi amaran
kalau aku sudah penat senyum
jangan salahkan aku
aku ingatkan kau,
Kau jangan berani cuba-cuba
aku ini dididik cara komunis
kerana itu aku mohon Allah jangan ragut kemanusian dari aku
itulah ketakutan terbesar aku
jadi aku ingatkan kau jangan berani guna bahasa syaitan kau dengan aku
nanti aku ......
dunia yang kejam, kamu yang kejam ...
kerana aku sudah pegang pisau
tinggal lagi aku toreh kulit mulus
tapi aku simpan
aku ambil gunting, aku gunting telinga ko, padan muka ko
tak dapat kulit, aku potong rambut
Aku cakap jangan banggakan bahasa Iblis ko
Ko nak aku hiris lidah ko
-the end-/ sisi jahat aku


Aku ada kawan
Yang selalu tiada dengan aku
mereka cuma ada bila aku perlu
dan aku juga ada bila mereka perlu
macam tu la kami
dan itu sudah lebih dari cukup bagi aku
Mereka ada bila aku lupa apa yang lebih penting
Mereka ada bila aku sudah tiada suara untuk berkata-kata
Mereka ada bila aku sudah buta
Mereka ada bila aku semak
Mereka ada bila aku mahu teriak kuat, dan still mereka setia untuk mendengar
Mereka ada bila aku mahu membebal, biarpun kadang-kadang masing-masing tak faham apa yang dibebelkan
Kami cuma ada untuk mendengar, dan itu sudah lebih dari cukup
Mereka ada bilamana aku fikir mati lagi indah
Mereka ada bila aku mula melukakan
Mereka itu tiada dengan aku selalu
tapi sangat menyenangkan setiap kali aku jumpa mereka
Mereka sangat membahagiakan
Biarpun sekali sekala, itu sudah cukup bagi aku

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Aku sakit
kerana itu aku cari ubat
sedang mencari aku penat

Penat bila tahu ubat tiada
tapi pencarian itulah ubat
Mungkin kalau kau pernah
terlentang di meja bedah
baru kau tahu rasanya

Aku Penat
Gila penat
kalau boleh aku mahu mengaku kalah
biarkan jadi macam dulu
Tapi dulu lagi penat
kena jumpa doktor
aku benci hospital
aku benci ubat

Aku penat
tapi aku tiada pilihan
aku lagi penat lihat orang ketawa tidak faham
mungkin kalau kau pernah hiris kulit sendiri
baru kau faham
macammana sakit aku
mungkin lepas itu baru kamu berhenti bercakap kan

Aku Penat sumpah aku penat
Air mataku habis sudah tumpah
tekakku kering
mukaku merah
tisu habis basah

Aku Penat
Ya Allah aku Penat
Ampunilah dosaku Ya Allah
Sungguh aku penat  jadi kuat
Orang tidak faham
aku tidak minta pun orang faham
aku cuma mahu mereka bisu kalau mereka tidak faham

Ya Allah Ampuni dosaku
kerana fikir aku seorang saja yang penat
Ampuni dosakuku kerana aku lupa orang lain pun sakit

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lagu Cinta Sakit Gigi

Aku pegi kahwin my childhood friends Undu
tengah-tengah cuci pinggan bole pula muncul lagu enta zaman berapa puluhan, aku pun nda tau
tajuk dia " Sakit Gigi " dan lirik dia
Daripada sakit hati, lebih baik sakit gigi ini.... Kui2, macam tahik
Aku macam, aiiii, ni urang yang buat lagu ni
antara ko telampau kreatif atau ko nda perna sakit gigi
ko tau sakit gigi tu sampai pgi utak sakit dia  bilang mumy sya
suka2 ja ko banding sakit gigi dengan sakit hati
Sakit hati ko ble kontrol guna minda sedar ko
tapi sakit gigi, cuba klau ko ble kontrol, baru nah kotoh
memandangkan aku tenga sakit gigi belubang
then mau p ospital, * I hate Hospital
Aku btul2 nda ble terima lirik dia * protes kunun
macam nta, macam haram ja buat lirik mcm tu
ok tu ja yg aku mau protes  -THE END-

Then lpas tu ble pla next song cinta sabun mandi
nah ni lirik dia.... Cinta Sabun Mandi
aiiii, zaman bila ni lagu sekalian ni, kreatif btul komposer dia... hahaha

Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Time ago

Long time ago
I used to handle my house alone
doing the cleaning
washing plate, laundry
lot of stuff
and after cleaning all day
what I hate the most
is to iron my own uniform
till today, I am try to find kinda fabric that
no need to be iron

So talk about long time ago
I used to stay home alone
from morning till afternoon, then I went school
so it's kinda morning shift
I hate doing cleaning actually
I watch tv first
I watch a lot of thing
from anime, to spanyol, to korean, to mandarin
and most of them is American stuff

So sometimes I didn't clean properly
and sometime my father come home early
and I haven't do laundry
that when he said
you know what
" the sun aren't waiting for you"
and I was like
sorry I am just a little bit lost when I watch tv * monolog
He get really frustrated that he even hide the astro card

So what long time ago really all about
is remind me how he always hide the astro card
and I always found it back
Sometimes I fell I am quite master doing
seeking items... haha specially to astro card
it's long time ago, like five years ago
where I always watch tv and my dad hide the astro card.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I was through my stuff when my cousins called
asking where am I, I said I already home, she thought I am still at campus, kat Kuala Lipis
She said " baru aku mau bawa ko p Thailand"
Oh My, I love Thailand, klau dapat tengok Safari kat sana lagi best sambil dengar suara garau dorang
But I wonder, will my mum give me permission.
Still If I am at Lipis now, my flight tomorrow, then still no Thailand. Maybe next time...
Lets berangan dear. Pack your bag * clean the mess honey, Oh My ....

Dalam sekelip mata

Dalam sekelip mata
apa-apa milikmu Tuhan boleh ambil
Seorang gadis cantik disimbah asid tengah jalan
Hancur luluh keyakinannya
Seorang jejaka hensem
baru siap kemalangan, remuk tulang rahangnya
Manusia tunduk malu saat dia ditunduk

Dalam sekelip mata
Aku berubah hati memaafkan
bukan kerana sakit sudah hilang tapi
kerana aku memilih melihat pada kebaikan
aku harap gadis tadi belajar mengangkat dagu semula
bukan kerana dia baru selesai plastic surgery
tapi baru selesai muhasabah diri
dan lelaki hensem tadi mula belajar senyum semula kerana masih punya nyawa

Dalam sekelip mata
kita tunduk lagi
kerana sekian lama sang wajah aman damai
akhirnya ditumbuhi cendawan jerawat
mungkin kerana terlalu mendagu
lupa asid ada ditepi jalan
kerana banyak yang lalu -lalang
Ah, jerawat, buat wanita kucar-kacir
sama macam pms
buat wanita menari di katil

Dalam sekelip mata aku senyum
bukan kerana tidak sakit lagi
tapi kerana aku mungkin sakit nanti
jadi aku pilih untuk senyum dulu
penat tengok jerewat
Orang tanya kau kena alergik ka
amboi... Hi, jerewat bukan main penangan kau
buat aku punya rasa hilang
sekejap main puisi, sekejap main perasaan.

Dalam sekelip mata
tuan puan jerawat hilang
penat dah duduk kampung rasanya
penat dah bayar sewa rumah nampaknya
Hilanglah kau wahai jerewat
buat puisi ku mahu bicara rasa, jadi bicara jerawat
Hilanglah kau wahai jerawat
Dalam sekelip mata

Monday, May 13, 2013

Exam .... fuh... fuh

Esok exam woi, pas tu esok exam lagi, lagi nak mampus satu hari dua paper, I was like, ceh spm pun, 1 hari 2 paper, so what a big differ this time. Ntala cuz psal dis time esok exam mlm bru nak study kot, time spm aku study 2 tahun kot, ni 2 minggu pun tak sampai, sala sepa. sala ko la, Like we Sabahan used to say, Kotoh Koira. First day exam okay la, esok pn ok juga kot InsyaAllah, but third day, * don't want to say anything, just want to say. Everything gonna be fine, things gonna get better. Amin.

# And still * jam menunjukkan 1.15 pagi* Aku nak study ni... hampeh ...  actually aku sedang blogwalking blog c Fatin Liyana, best juga blog dia, dulu aku x  folo, baru folo tadi... hehe, kebelakangan ni semua blog aku folo, c Shae yg Hijabist tu, c Maria, c Namee... nta la dulu, tak pun, baru2 je ni, mebi sindrom nak masuk 20 mcm ni kot... Huhu, * sindrom something like, we read what most women want, and their blog have what women want. Eh.... aku dah women eh... :p

Dah, bai aku nak exam, Amin, wish me luck ... :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Aku mulakan dengan doa
Ya Allah ya Tuhanku Permudahkanlah urusan kami umatmu
Kurniakanlah kami sifat merendah diri

We need more humble people in this world
because some sank in nowhere
they put a standard in everything
the way how you talk
the way how you eat
what you cover yourself with
where you sleep tonight

I am so mad that its happen to me knowing this kind of people
I rather not knowing them
because its a disease
perhaps I would understand that its happen to man
but when its happen to boy
because their parents spoil them too much
I really wanted to watch future
Dear boy, I really hope you handle it well

Being arrogant is not a matter of arrogant
some people realise the purpose of it
some became the follower without content
As for me it's not a sin being arrogant as if you know what it is
but if you don't
it's quite pathetic after all
you're victim of yourself

Some people have this entire world in his hand
still know where they belong
while others believe they're belong to a place where actually they're not
and bragging about it all the time
being so proud about certain place
forgotten that once we all either buried or turn ashes

Quite pathetic you boy
thinking that money will save you
I hear you speak very rude
I wish you found someone bitches than you
You once will live again and finally realise
that you money exactly just a piece of paper that
make you lost yourself
despite how beautiful your life now
indeed pathetic
it's not even your money
it your parents
Live well boy

Allah Menjagamu

Siapa kau mendakwa Allah menjagamu
Sunggah kau bukan siapa-siapa
dalam agama kau hanya orang biasa-biasa yang jarang sekali ketemu di Surau
tapi sungguh Allah menjaga dengan caranya sendiri
Kau tidak pernah tahu bagaimana
apa yang kau tahu
ada satu kuasa memeliharamu
menjadikan kau berbeza
ada bertanya satu soalan
sebenarnya banyak yang bertanya
dan kau kaku
berharap kalau kau dapat menjawab dengan jawapan yang terbaik
namun belum pasti mereka faham
Jawapan ada nama Allah dalamnya
iaitu Allah sedang memelihara insan tersebut
dengan cara yang tidak dapat dizahirkan oleh manusia
kau boleh saja senang berpaut pada mana-mana pautan buaya
namun Allah hadirkan insan digelar Ummi menjadikan kau tegar
meskipun peluang itu ada
mungkin Allah hilangkan rasa itu
kerana Allah tahu
kau belum cukup sedia
akalmu berkata aku sudah cukup dewasa
sungguh Allah yang memelihara
berfirman Sungguh sesuatu yang kau sangka baik itu tidak semestinya cocok buatmu
sedangkan yang kau sangka durjana itu belum tentu tiada manisnya.
Banyak yang bertanya
mungkin suatu masa nanti kau bisa menjawab dengan yakin
mentafsirkan apa yang terbuku
bahawa bukan semua yang indah itu untuk dimiliki
kadang-kadang ia cukup bukti bahawa Allah hadirkannya untuk mengajar kamu dan aku.


Aku punya kawan yang menghambakan diri pada dunia
Semoga dunia itu membelamu di akhirat
Aku juga punya kawan yang taksubkan akhirat
Hakikatnya dia percaya jalannya di jalan yang betul
aku tiada apa untuk dikatakan
meskipun kadang-kadang aku percaya sungguh Nabi Mulia Rasul Allah
tiada mendidik sekalian rupa
aku tiada apa untuk dikatakan
kerana menurut mu itu kebenaran
Seiring kita berjalan
Kau kenal aku kawanmu
dan kau kawanku
dan aku percaya suatu hari nanti
we will stop taking care of each other
Mungkin cara kita berbeza kerana
aku diajar dengan dengan dunia yang kau tidak pernah tahu kewujudannya
Sungguh dunia itu wujud
tapi sukar sekali ditafsirkan dengan air liur yang tersepah
melainkan kau di bahu ku
Kau meletakkan tempatmu di satu tempat yang kau panggil awesome
sungguh ada apa dengan tempat itu
apa kau pasti ia akan menemani mu di kubur
Maaf, sungguh ini bukan aku menilai mu
cuma apa yang aku rasa patut kau fikirkan semula

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I grew up

Wishlist when I grew up
1. Bake  all type of cake
2. Cook all type of food * I've try Jambalaya... and now I am improving my Tom Yam
3. Read a lot * after Big Bad Wolf, my coming soon  PWTC international book fair
4. Walk a lot * InsyaAllah, Makkah
5. Drink a lot, lot of sky juice, and tea
6. Take a lot of picture
7. Have a lot of fruits everyday
8. Practice yoga as my everyday must do
9. I'll try to shop less than before
10. I will sew a lot * InsyaAllah will buy my first sewing machine soon
11. Will finish my art book that postponed since I was elementary
12. Will take care of my sibling more than before
13. Will always have time for my friends
14. Will pursued study in history knowledge, probably Crime History
15. Will improve my foreign language
16. I' ll stop judging myself and others
17. I will less think about gadgets
18. I will stop believing in numbers
19. I will learn Islam more,
20. Last but not least I will find someone who willing to bear with my temper

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sometimes I am just so in love with writing
that I hope I could write all day long
just about anything
It's not like I am good in writing
not in English, neither in my mother tongue lingo
because I believe writing suppose to be freedom
where you put your imagination, heart, just anything
in an exact word
that maybe you're the only one understood
writing to me is a magical
where you actually don't really know what you going to write about
but your hand they just keep moving
like just typing whatever it is
it's the most calm situation
where you talk to yourself
where there's nothing actually
you just make them up
and put them in a beautiful word
maybe not everyone find what I am write is beautiful
but at least I have enjoyed this
that all what matter the most.


In science, we mostly learn the bond of chemical
but in real life, we didn't learn, but make them became such a beautiful reaction
that sometimes you couldn't even understand.
I love how the bond in human being became the most important thing in the world
we connected in a series of bond that emerge as a series of reaction 
Some said that bond is yin and yang, to me, bond is everything that ever happen 
and most beautiful amongst them is what you got now,
not what you wish to got after
you might not as close as you roommate to her mother
it's okay, cause some bond were seem close, some might not
you may talk rude, doesn't show you love often
well, it's okay too cause sometimes, it's not even necessary to show them.
As I said bond is such a beautiful thing for whatever you have now
I appreciate to scold my younger cousins like I am the mother
I appreciate that after a long years I still can hug my friends like we just met yesterday
I appreciate that we may not talk often, but both of us  know that we're connected 
I appreciate that bond is quite complicated as the reaction itself
but somehow I know that we'll figure this out
and no matter how bad it may look like
don't worry cause as long as we still hold to the bond
we'll get through this together. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Late or what

I love the fact that we change
the fact that we used to say nooo
I am not gonna be that one
I love that we learn a lot
yet we do mistakes most of the time
and said, I am not gonna do it again
People say we are young generation
often forget things and just mess around
they said that you and me are troublemakers
at least something like that
We said " they don't understand us "
so who did better, we or them
somehow we reach the point that
we admitted, hey ... people do change,
wait till your turns
hey, you know what, I figure out you can't avoid mistake
though you have said.....
I will never forget this,
So is that just me whose doing this thing
or exactly you have done that too
but just a little late in admit it.
or probably I am the one who little late here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Current Obsession - RUNNING MAN

I usually don't make any review, unless I love that thing damn much
As you seen in Tittle, it's shown RUNNING MAN
Yes mak datin sekalian
my current obsession is this damn running man
While I writing this, two people on my side, are laughing like hell watching this benda tak b'moral kata sorang yg suddenly came across, orang awam la lbi kurang... haha, whatever la I guess, yang penting benda tu boleh buat aku gelak, maknanya dia best.

So this Running Man thing aaaa , is not typical, cause I don't love typical thing
People might said... it's Korean ok, of kos la it is, I don't watch Korean like die hard fan either
The truth is I used to critic Korean, the Kpop one, because my cousin is Fanatic of Kpop
Arggghhh.... I can't bear myself when she talk about all those singer
But this running man really make me " melalak " like never before you know * wah, buruknya bahasa*

So,apa yang best sangat running man ni, takda best sngt actli klau ko tak tengok, try spend time bukan 5 minutes, tapi tengok 1 episode, mesti ko pun naik gila, psal org dalam dia tu semua yg t'kulat2, blank, bengong, macam2 la, as for me yang dah lama tak tengok Korea, I think I may like them again, as long as bukan drama korea yg lelaki semuanya jambu atau bahasa sabah aku minta puji, lelaki pun mau jadi perempuan, pakai fesyen nta apa2, tapi yang tu suka ati dorangla, duit dorang. Btw it's Kpop Fashion, of kos la llki kena jambu, Malaysia jgn cuba2, tk jadi jambu, nnt jadi maknya...

Yang bestnya Running man ni, they show a real Korean, probably ...., as you know bukan semua Korean handsome, itu la jejeka2 sekalian yg b'lari sakan kat Running man ni macam si Jong Kook, Gary, Jae Suk, Gwang Soo, Suk Jin * Dorang semua ni taklah hensome sangat, tapi semua gila2 and HAHA *HAHA ni cute, dah la kening mcm sin can * actli ak tak perna tengo sin can pun, tapi dia cute psal dia ni nama je dah besar, tapi dengar suara Jong Kook trus takut.

Satu je pretty boy dlm ni, nama dia Jong Ki, wah... memang pretty boy betul la, ak paling suka time sen, dia p usha noona Ji Hyo * Satu-satunya p'puan dlm tu... haha, nway, dia pretty boy tpi tak buat plastic surgery, mcm llki Korea lain, n satu lagi dia ni pandai la banding artis Kpop, yg perasaan jambu, Jong Ki ni pelakon klau ak tak silap, bukan Artis Kpop, watever la aku pn tak sure sngt. Haha, tu fanatik sngt la tu... :p

So I might tell this in such an excited way, huh...  Pardon me, jgn Lupa p Copy Running Man or Upload, I really wish they will continue this programme forever. Rate ; 11/ 10 .... :)


Reminder to Myself

Saturday, January 19, 2013

God Knows better

The said, opportunity knock but once
That what at least I thought happen to me
Only that I let it go
because sometimes there's something much bigger than that
I have a chance to live the life I've dreaming for
To fly anywhere I want
To just live, because I thought I was the only one
Until my mum knock for real
remind me that she knows better
It was hard to accept
and I still think about this,
that why I am writing this now
and then they said, don't let someone that do so little
control so much of your feeling
But you know what sometimes that so little leaves a lot
but yes there's a but, and but
sometimes you have to ignore the but
and stick to what you believe the most
My mum has been with me for most of my life
I was bullied till now
I struggling with myself everyday
you have no idea
I just think what if I took it all, and leave
and then disappointed them
No way,
that when Allah knock after my mum, shows his Love
How merciful Him, He was my everything, so do with my mum, and my family
For everything you did for you parents, in order to satisfied them
even you not, God has replaced something better than you ever imagined
Only that if you know how big Allah love is
For you that I thought probably my only chance
It's not I am leaving, or I am letting you go
It is for me to came back where I belong
to live with a real freedom with my God
To realise that it wasn't everything, but God was
Finally I am being able to said that I am content, yes, I am content with this humble life.
InsyaAllah. Amin, ya Rabbal Alamin .

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Aku terima nikahnya si anu bin si anu
Begitulah yang selalu kita dengar
Ramai pilih untuk kahwin muda,
Bagus, aku puji niat kalian
Perkahwinan itu dibina bukan atas Akad sahaja
Seorang lelaki mati-mati menghafal akad
Tapi bagaimana dengan niat solat lima fardhu
dan isi-isi di dalamnya
Kerana itu dalam Islam belajar agama itu wajib hukumnya
Perbetulkan niat untuk berkahwin
Kerana anda bakal melahirkan zuriat
Jangan zuriat itu disia-siakn kerana niat kahwin yang tidak betul
Ya Allah kurniakanlah kepada kami kebaikan didunia dan diakhirat... Amin.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy brunch everyone, well, I know that recently most people have abandoned their own blog, it goes same thing with me, I guess that people have just found another way , with the twitter, instagram, what else... and myself I am not into anything of this, and goes back what my randomness today, it's exactly really nothing. I was just thinking about HOME.

Going home is not that easy for me, not only me I know, and I hate flight, I hate stuck in the plane for like 3 hours, * a'alah 3 jam je pun, org yg nak blik dri London, dri Haji tu smpai b'belas2 jam, ok je, yah... I know I have to be grateful... but you know it's like the worst feeling in the world when you know the only way back home is via flight, I guess it's not a problem at all if it cost cheap, but not it doesn't, it cost time also... as I said I have to be in plane for like 3 hours... sometimes I feel like it the longest 2 and half hours in my life.

I really wish we have bullet train undersea, so that I can be home every weekend...
Happy dreaming all everyone ....