Saturday, January 19, 2013

God Knows better

The said, opportunity knock but once
That what at least I thought happen to me
Only that I let it go
because sometimes there's something much bigger than that
I have a chance to live the life I've dreaming for
To fly anywhere I want
To just live, because I thought I was the only one
Until my mum knock for real
remind me that she knows better
It was hard to accept
and I still think about this,
that why I am writing this now
and then they said, don't let someone that do so little
control so much of your feeling
But you know what sometimes that so little leaves a lot
but yes there's a but, and but
sometimes you have to ignore the but
and stick to what you believe the most
My mum has been with me for most of my life
I was bullied till now
I struggling with myself everyday
you have no idea
I just think what if I took it all, and leave
and then disappointed them
No way,
that when Allah knock after my mum, shows his Love
How merciful Him, He was my everything, so do with my mum, and my family
For everything you did for you parents, in order to satisfied them
even you not, God has replaced something better than you ever imagined
Only that if you know how big Allah love is
For you that I thought probably my only chance
It's not I am leaving, or I am letting you go
It is for me to came back where I belong
to live with a real freedom with my God
To realise that it wasn't everything, but God was
Finally I am being able to said that I am content, yes, I am content with this humble life.
InsyaAllah. Amin, ya Rabbal Alamin .

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