Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy brunch everyone, well, I know that recently most people have abandoned their own blog, it goes same thing with me, I guess that people have just found another way , with the twitter, instagram, what else... and myself I am not into anything of this, and goes back what my randomness today, it's exactly really nothing. I was just thinking about HOME.

Going home is not that easy for me, not only me I know, and I hate flight, I hate stuck in the plane for like 3 hours, * a'alah 3 jam je pun, org yg nak blik dri London, dri Haji tu smpai b'belas2 jam, ok je, yah... I know I have to be grateful... but you know it's like the worst feeling in the world when you know the only way back home is via flight, I guess it's not a problem at all if it cost cheap, but not it doesn't, it cost time also... as I said I have to be in plane for like 3 hours... sometimes I feel like it the longest 2 and half hours in my life.

I really wish we have bullet train undersea, so that I can be home every weekend...
Happy dreaming all everyone ....

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