Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sometimes I am just so in love with writing
that I hope I could write all day long
just about anything
It's not like I am good in writing
not in English, neither in my mother tongue lingo
because I believe writing suppose to be freedom
where you put your imagination, heart, just anything
in an exact word
that maybe you're the only one understood
writing to me is a magical
where you actually don't really know what you going to write about
but your hand they just keep moving
like just typing whatever it is
it's the most calm situation
where you talk to yourself
where there's nothing actually
you just make them up
and put them in a beautiful word
maybe not everyone find what I am write is beautiful
but at least I have enjoyed this
that all what matter the most.


In science, we mostly learn the bond of chemical
but in real life, we didn't learn, but make them became such a beautiful reaction
that sometimes you couldn't even understand.
I love how the bond in human being became the most important thing in the world
we connected in a series of bond that emerge as a series of reaction 
Some said that bond is yin and yang, to me, bond is everything that ever happen 
and most beautiful amongst them is what you got now,
not what you wish to got after
you might not as close as you roommate to her mother
it's okay, cause some bond were seem close, some might not
you may talk rude, doesn't show you love often
well, it's okay too cause sometimes, it's not even necessary to show them.
As I said bond is such a beautiful thing for whatever you have now
I appreciate to scold my younger cousins like I am the mother
I appreciate that after a long years I still can hug my friends like we just met yesterday
I appreciate that we may not talk often, but both of us  know that we're connected 
I appreciate that bond is quite complicated as the reaction itself
but somehow I know that we'll figure this out
and no matter how bad it may look like
don't worry cause as long as we still hold to the bond
we'll get through this together. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Late or what

I love the fact that we change
the fact that we used to say nooo
I am not gonna be that one
I love that we learn a lot
yet we do mistakes most of the time
and said, I am not gonna do it again
People say we are young generation
often forget things and just mess around
they said that you and me are troublemakers
at least something like that
We said " they don't understand us "
so who did better, we or them
somehow we reach the point that
we admitted, hey ... people do change,
wait till your turns
hey, you know what, I figure out you can't avoid mistake
though you have said.....
I will never forget this,
So is that just me whose doing this thing
or exactly you have done that too
but just a little late in admit it.
or probably I am the one who little late here.