Monday, March 18, 2013

Late or what

I love the fact that we change
the fact that we used to say nooo
I am not gonna be that one
I love that we learn a lot
yet we do mistakes most of the time
and said, I am not gonna do it again
People say we are young generation
often forget things and just mess around
they said that you and me are troublemakers
at least something like that
We said " they don't understand us "
so who did better, we or them
somehow we reach the point that
we admitted, hey ... people do change,
wait till your turns
hey, you know what, I figure out you can't avoid mistake
though you have said.....
I will never forget this,
So is that just me whose doing this thing
or exactly you have done that too
but just a little late in admit it.
or probably I am the one who little late here.

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