Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Aku mulakan dengan doa
Ya Allah ya Tuhanku Permudahkanlah urusan kami umatmu
Kurniakanlah kami sifat merendah diri

We need more humble people in this world
because some sank in nowhere
they put a standard in everything
the way how you talk
the way how you eat
what you cover yourself with
where you sleep tonight

I am so mad that its happen to me knowing this kind of people
I rather not knowing them
because its a disease
perhaps I would understand that its happen to man
but when its happen to boy
because their parents spoil them too much
I really wanted to watch future
Dear boy, I really hope you handle it well

Being arrogant is not a matter of arrogant
some people realise the purpose of it
some became the follower without content
As for me it's not a sin being arrogant as if you know what it is
but if you don't
it's quite pathetic after all
you're victim of yourself

Some people have this entire world in his hand
still know where they belong
while others believe they're belong to a place where actually they're not
and bragging about it all the time
being so proud about certain place
forgotten that once we all either buried or turn ashes

Quite pathetic you boy
thinking that money will save you
I hear you speak very rude
I wish you found someone bitches than you
You once will live again and finally realise
that you money exactly just a piece of paper that
make you lost yourself
despite how beautiful your life now
indeed pathetic
it's not even your money
it your parents
Live well boy

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