Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I grew up

Wishlist when I grew up
1. Bake  all type of cake
2. Cook all type of food * I've try Jambalaya... and now I am improving my Tom Yam
3. Read a lot * after Big Bad Wolf, my coming soon  PWTC international book fair
4. Walk a lot * InsyaAllah, Makkah
5. Drink a lot, lot of sky juice, and tea
6. Take a lot of picture
7. Have a lot of fruits everyday
8. Practice yoga as my everyday must do
9. I'll try to shop less than before
10. I will sew a lot * InsyaAllah will buy my first sewing machine soon
11. Will finish my art book that postponed since I was elementary
12. Will take care of my sibling more than before
13. Will always have time for my friends
14. Will pursued study in history knowledge, probably Crime History
15. Will improve my foreign language
16. I' ll stop judging myself and others
17. I will less think about gadgets
18. I will stop believing in numbers
19. I will learn Islam more,
20. Last but not least I will find someone who willing to bear with my temper

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