Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Time ago

Long time ago
I used to handle my house alone
doing the cleaning
washing plate, laundry
lot of stuff
and after cleaning all day
what I hate the most
is to iron my own uniform
till today, I am try to find kinda fabric that
no need to be iron

So talk about long time ago
I used to stay home alone
from morning till afternoon, then I went school
so it's kinda morning shift
I hate doing cleaning actually
I watch tv first
I watch a lot of thing
from anime, to spanyol, to korean, to mandarin
and most of them is American stuff

So sometimes I didn't clean properly
and sometime my father come home early
and I haven't do laundry
that when he said
you know what
" the sun aren't waiting for you"
and I was like
sorry I am just a little bit lost when I watch tv * monolog
He get really frustrated that he even hide the astro card

So what long time ago really all about
is remind me how he always hide the astro card
and I always found it back
Sometimes I fell I am quite master doing
seeking items... haha specially to astro card
it's long time ago, like five years ago
where I always watch tv and my dad hide the astro card.

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