Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nice Guy ( The Innocent Man) eps 20 review

I just finished watching this drama by afternoon, It was by Song Jong Ki and Moon Chae Won
The ending was a bit confusing for me that I can't digest what actually happen.
Clearly I am not satisfied, and I don't know why?
* Too bad I really get involved in this Korean Drama fever, I have to admit, yeah, I am Korean Drama Freak right now.

It's not big deal either, It's not like I got paid if I am not satisfied, it's just I have a big puzzle in my head.  I am so desperately want happy ending, it does happy ending but I don't understand what happen, so I watch back the scene where they already in village.

I try to comprehend, it's so stupid that I am doing this, it's not even my assignment, but I analysed the dialogue one by one, it seems like they left everything behind in the past and start a normal life in village, and Kang Ma Ru ( Song jong Ki) had Prognosia some kind of diseases where he is unable to recognize people, it seems like he doesn't recognize Eun Gi       ( Moon Chae Won) , my concern is whether the last scene actually they were reincarnated because he ( Kang Ma Ru) kept saying  * in another life/ in next life * and I didn't found any line where they stated that the doctor is actually Kang Ma Ru, and that Unni is actually Eun Gi but at the end they we're sitting in the bench and the doctor give Eun Gi a Ring, the ring Kang Ma Ru once buy for Eun Gi and him for their wedding ceremony. But I am still puzzled, and I hate this feeling, so I checked on what other people think. Most of them said, the ending was a bit rush, It was such a great story only if they don't rush the end .

Overall this is what I have to convince myself

Kang Ma Ru collapsed down the street because he couldn't get to hospital. He is hiding from Eun Gi that he actually got stabbed by attorney Ahn in order to protect Eun Gi, before collapsed, his dialogue

" I thought my present life was not very good, but that in next life I would surely meet Eun Gi again, and we would be like normal people. We would date and be in love the way we should have been. I prayed to God for that outcome "

Then 7 years later
I went straightly to the last scene in the village * this is the scene that means a lot and need a lot to comprehend

Eung Gi rushed to clinic where Kang Ma Ru worked because Myoeng Joo ( a little girl just came out from nowhere)  had a stomach pain, Eun Gi tell the nurse that she have to close he bakehouse then she will came back, when she came back there a doctor ( Kang Ma Ru) with Myong Joo

From Myong Joo accent, we could notice that the location of that small town is somewhere in the southern area of the country. She asked if Ma Ru really graduated from US. “Is it true that before going to the US, Doctor’s head was injured and after you received the surgery you lost all your memories?” * it seems like all the information told by Eun Gi to Myong Joo, and Eun Gi want to ask Ma Ru whether he remember that thing. Ma Ru confirmed what Myong Joo said as true. Ma Ru said that he wasn't having amnesia, but prognasia whereas he can't recognize people, but he have his memories as well as before sort of face blindness. Myong Joo mention that why Ma Ru always buy sandwich from Eung Gi Bakehouse even most of the sandwich and cake doesn't tastes so good according to people around, it seems like Ma Ru actually try to always be around Eun Gi all the time. And then Myong Joo asked  if the women in US were pretty but why he’s still alone and why he still want to be at that village. Ma Ru answered that the village was great and a lot of beautiful lady.  Then Myong Joo said  is my unnie ( Eun Gi) was one of the beautiful lady in that village, Ma Ru turned to see Eun Gi but seemed really didn’t recognize Eun Gi, but actually after turned he was smiled.

Ma Ru spent an evening at Eun Gi’s shop. Eun Gi secretly took picture of Ma Ru and then got caught.Ma Ru summoned her and checked on her camera. He found all his pictures. “Are you a paparazzi or something?” he asked. “Quite similar,” said Eun Gi. Ma Ru asked why she did that. Eun Gi didn’t hide her admiration for Ma Ru. ”Because you are a handsome man Lee Sang Hyeon.” Ma Ru asked since when she liked him. She said since recently. “Recently, when?” asked Ma Ru again. Eun Gi didn’t answerd.

For me is just that all this time Eun Gi has been around waiting for Ma Ru, It's relieved that I finally realised that, and it took me such a long time to comprehend this.

Another one evening. Eun Gi ran her life as usual, riding bike around the town. Ma Ru came to her shop and found a message that Eun Gi was off somewhere. So Ma Ru decided to wait for her on a bench by the street. Eun Gi saw Ma Ru was sitting there, sensing that he’s actually waiting for her. She sat at the other end of the bench. Then Ma Ru handed Eun Gi the little red box he had had long ago…the little red box he wanted to give Eun Gi but refrained because he found out Eun Gi’s memories had back. Eun Gi opened it up and found a couple of rings, wedding rings. Eun Gi realized that Ma Ru has gained his memories back. They both smiled to each other.

Along the scene started when Ma Ru came to Eun Gi bakehouse, there's background voice, which at first I really confuse, when was exactly the timeline of that voice, is that the same voice when he collapsed 7 years ago, through deep research in order to satisfied myself ... haha, I finally found that it was present voice . It's a actually the same pray 7 years ago, that he prayed again after he gain his memory back

This dialogue actually means a lot, it took us some time to really not just comprehend but feel what actually he's trying to say.

In next life I would surely meet Eun Gi again, and we would be like normal people. We would date and be in love the way we should have been. I prayed to God for that outcome "

Maru: “What kind of person she is… I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at times, because I want to look good in front of her, I’d learn the old school trot dance that her father likes, and learn baduk, and learn how to eat all different kinds of foods without being picky. And at times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artists. And at times, I’d go to the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day.”
“I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her, and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement and gratitude. To date like other people… I think I prayed for it.”
“And I say my prayers again: Thank you. Now, I am happy.”

I am just so happy too because he really fall in love with Eun Gi, not Jae Hee anymore, it's Eun Gi that he wanted the most even in another life.

The word again actually means  present time, finally I am really happy just being doing all this review, it satisfied myself, since the last scene doesn't satisfied, this review I believe would. It's hard to let go what I don't understand, but I finally have to realised at the end it's just such a really good drama, affected all people, it's okay I am not satisfied, longing around for this, I am not the only one and it's normal, all people have said the same thing in internet, but I must get my sense back.

It's just a beautiful, amazing melodrama, nevertheless, I actually would love if there is more
it's such an amazing, and fresh story. Finally Deabak director ... :), jinja Deabak ....

Source : Korean Drama ChaoDrama Beans

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