Monday, July 22, 2013

As if we are always blind

Have you read this quote

Be kind to your parents
You might never ask for them
But they pray for you

I just saw this about 2 month ago
so whenever I had fight with my mum
I remind myself about this

It's been 20 year
everytime we fight
I said you suppose never give birth to me
in silence
you make my life hard
you just never know a thing I want
I believe sort of thing
I believe that it was her mistake that I was born
that she refuse to abort me
when doctor say so
then when I growing up so small
in my modern thinking
I believe it's not vitamin she give
but drug

Often I blame
less I say thank you
or I love you

But when I read that quote
and when my senior had baby
and everyday even their baby is still unborn
they pray and pray
after give birth
they love and love

mek su : Mak jatuh ngan Adra setiap hari
cocok : Genap 11 bulan mencintaimu Altaf Haziq

As I said I was blind
only then I realised so
you just never know how much they love you
Some maybe hiding
Some may seems bad
but they are in love with you at least once
and that little once is what mean the most

Watch this please, You're the one who matter the most and you're the who strength them every single day

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