Monday, July 15, 2013

R.I .P Cory Monteith

Finn To Rachel

You're real star, you need to shine,
Just because I can't be with you, doesn't mean I don't believe in you

* I can't believe this script is actually meant for something

About Finn Hudson a.k.a Cory Monteith, it's not like I am die hard fan, but I love them, all the glee cast and watching Lea in such a devastation is hurt all Glee fan I believe

This is really heartbreaking for me when she cry on the coffin, it's so sad, she must be in deep shock specially she's not with Cory when he die. Cory was such a very talented man who have been through a lot. He started with Glee along lea, they were amazing partner, and of course great couple. I started watching Glee since it was just an ads and in the first episode, I totally fall in love with the idea of Glee, the amazing cast, Cory was one of the reasons, but since I went to collage I don't have time to really catch on them, and when yesterday my friend make status about Cory, I at first, feels like I know this man, and then, when I google him... Oh my Lord, I was in a very deep shock, He still very young, maybe it's just his time has arrived.

He just admit that he had a drug problem, and went to rehab, I believe he want to change, but sometimes the pain that you hold all this time is just unbearable, that why he choose drug. I am no one to judge, I just wish he never take it, but we just never know how hard it has been for him all this time. May God bless you, May Lea get through this. Lot of Love to Cory

R.I. P Cory Monteith 1982-2013

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