Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Self Reflection

Angie once was said having relationship with her biological brother, even when she receive oscar, she bring her brother along and kiss him like couple. In order to protect Angie, her brother denied, but Angie is showing her love toward her biological brother ( men-women love) like they are the only one in world, I think the romance stop there cause they can't go any further. One thing about her that touch me the most is not her sexy lips, but her honesty that almost kill her, when she play Gia. What she stand for that she even refuse to settled with her dad, that she love her mother so much, even it is illegal love with her brother, she never care what people say. Even her kids is not from her body, she will never stop, She just wanted world to know that how much she can give love is as big as world is.

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