Friday, November 15, 2013

Salah masuk

Kisah Hari Raya 2013

Rasa macam kenal perempuan ni
ditegur, nda menyahut
oooo... sala orang la ni

Sampai Sabah
eee... si Lala
kan betul, ko ba yang aku nampak semalam tu, aku panggil, 
ko nda menyahut, jadi aku fikir salah orang

Lala: Aku satuorang ja di KLIA tu kina
        Tu la au pusing2 macam orang gila tu, mamai aku tu
        Tu la aku nda perasaan ko
        Ko tau, aku masuk tandas lelaki lagi
        Sampai lelaki yang takut masuk toilet

Hahaha * Macam mana kita boleh salah masuk tandas aaa*

Tiba2 time baru balik dr Camping di Kuantan
Bangun tidur, driver bas ckap, trun la sini solat
so aku pun turun terus menuju tandas
and then guess what 
Aku masuk tandas lelaki
baru mau masuk, ada lelaki keluar
aku terus bingung
ok aku salah masuk

And then last monday, sampai ja airport cari toilet
ada satu tandas, satu ja sign, then  I start to confuse
I stood for like 10 second I guess try to figure out the signboard
and why it's just 1 toilet
as I remember it should be two toilet
then ada lelaki keluar
He told me
toilet perempuan kat depan....
Oooo... ok, TQ ... :)

Now I know, macam mana perempuan salah masuk tandas
Do this happen to men too ?
problem is if this happen to men, he must be in trouble .... poor them
some time, they don't meant to
unless they meant to ...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Online Shopping

I am just like any ordinary girls when talk about shopping
I am pro, and I think shopping is the best exercise ever
Me my roommates, we never get tired when we do shopping specially Jalan TAR
or any shopping complex, I strongly believed shopping is good for our mental, physical but not financial
but that is the purpose of money right, to spend them.... so direct shopping, manual shopping, whatever you call them is fun... and nowadays, we get too busy, we don't have time, so we prefer scroll down the internet... Online Shopping.

So, my favorite online shopping is taobao * tapi takda kat Msia
this is something like ebay, but china ebay, since it's China so the price is almost half price
I don't read pinyin, but my lappy do have tanslation, so oklah for price, and little information, got direct translation by google, nevertheless, I have my Chinese friends to help me.

Method of transaction is pretty much, my friend know this people that running the business as middle person, in Malaysia, so we will sent to them the items we want and then they will count the price including postage, most of the item calculate like this - price /2 x 1.1- ( divide 2 since the currency in yuan), then for postage is RM12 for 1 kg, it's for peninsular, but I am not sure for Sabah and Sarawak, since I only shop when I was in Peninsular, Pahang.

Lets check out this site taobao link

So  thhe price 9.90 yuan = RM 5 
Postage = Consider this shoes 1 kg =RM12, actually it's lighter
so overall this shoes is just RM 17.00 ~ Most probably just RM 15, 
Damn cheap isn't because in Malaysia, the cheapest one maybe RM 50
But since it's from China, It takes almost one month to arrived

My review : I mostly satisfied, just sometimes, you know when you buy something specially in very big online shop site, there are many store, maybe some of the owner try to get a little benefit, like my lace I paid for 1 meter and half, but what arrives it's only half meter. Well I mean, there is no way it could be perfect but the quality of items I am satisfied, like this lace, if In Malaysia, they sell for like RM 60 or the cheapest I could find is RM 25 for 1m, but in this site, only RM 15 including postage, and the fabric is really nice, exactly the way you see them, but yet, don't hope too much, like my first time buying from this site is my bag, I thought it was pink, but arrives, It's red.... I am not really happy at first, but after all I really love it, that why I still shop here, because it is still very cheap compare to Malaysia price, no matter what. I mostly buy all my quirky bag from here, and most of friend said my bag is quirky, cute, and nice... so I am really satisfied. 

I never buy shoes yet, I suppose buy one, but since I went back to Sabah already, so I have to postpone my shopping next year, but my friend do buy shoes annd luggage, and they just so lovely that you can't refuse to have one.

So here's from Taobao shopping site link

and here's mine.... the quality of fabric is lovely, I just love it

So far, all the thing is too pricey in Msia, like this lace I buy from here or thing that doesn't have in Msia, like my quirky bag, link, Of course we have bag in Msia, but they don't have kinda design, so overall I love spending money here, and so far I've purchased like 5 bag, 5 lace, since the postage is pretty late... overall this transaction take about 2 months including waiting for the people to reply our email because they have many customer.

p/s :I actually don't really mind buying stuff from China, since today all stuff is made in China, maybe people will say, it's not Original, I don't mind too because the quality is really good, like buying Dr. Marten boot from this site, and buying another one from Dr. Marten store, its exactly almost the same, just maybe real Dr. Marten made in England, So as for me I even buy bundle clothes, as long as they still in  fine shape, I am Satisfied, furthermore it  makes me happy since they really cheap. 

xoxo, see you then, Lots Of Love ,,, 

I am back

Hi, I am back .....
I am back after struggling with some hormone acne, exam, laptop damaged * how I suppose to address my laptop, I feel so sad about that, and it's been such a very long time since I wrote in English... hehe, sometimes I wrote in Malay because it's easy to use more cynical word, or to hide something but actually try to tell something, haha.... is that kinda thing exist, whatever and sometimes I wrote in English because umh... I don't have any reasons, so... I may do some grammar mistake, please don't even mention about that... I just wanna blogging, this blog is not my essay so don't try to be English teachers with me, but yah, I am trying to improve my English .... So sit back and relax, and don't forget to eat your choclate just as much as you eat your veggie, this is just random post .... Will be back soon.

p/s : I love writing, whether I have readers or not, I just simply love it ....