Monday, November 11, 2013

I am back

Hi, I am back .....
I am back after struggling with some hormone acne, exam, laptop damaged * how I suppose to address my laptop, I feel so sad about that, and it's been such a very long time since I wrote in English... hehe, sometimes I wrote in Malay because it's easy to use more cynical word, or to hide something but actually try to tell something, haha.... is that kinda thing exist, whatever and sometimes I wrote in English because umh... I don't have any reasons, so... I may do some grammar mistake, please don't even mention about that... I just wanna blogging, this blog is not my essay so don't try to be English teachers with me, but yah, I am trying to improve my English .... So sit back and relax, and don't forget to eat your choclate just as much as you eat your veggie, this is just random post .... Will be back soon.

p/s : I love writing, whether I have readers or not, I just simply love it .... 

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